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Days After The Blizzard, Commuters Forced To Navigate Snow Covered Bus Stops

CLIFTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) --   Four days after the historic snowstorm and it's still tough going for some commuters who have been forced to navigate around snow-covered bus stops in New Jersey.

Getting to and from some New Jersey stops has been a dangerous trek.

"I actually crossed over there from there and had to walk through the snow. It was a bit of a hassle," Tim Zackheim said.

On Tuesday night, CBS2's Tracee Carrasco highlighted the scary path from the NJ Transit bus stop off Route 3 West at Main Avenue in Clifton.

Riders had no choice but to walk in the street dangerously close to traffic.

"This is very dangerous, it's scary," Lauren Vazquez of Nutley said. "A bus and a bicyclist almost hit each other trying to avoid all the people, it's a mess."

"We have to just make sure that the buses and the cars don't run over us," Nidhi Kalra of Nutley said.

On Wednesday, that path was cleared, but others along similarly busy roadways like an island bus stop on Route 4 East in Paramus still require people to walk through deep snow or out on the road close to speeding cars.

"I usually walk around here and it's more risky for me to get hit by a car now because of it," Jayson Chan, Fort Lee, said.

A spokesman for the Paramus Shade Tree & Parks Commission said that they, "provide a path to cross the access ramps on certain 'island bus stops/shelters' which may not have a paved walkway."

He went on to say that some pathways are the responsibility of businesses since the bus stops are on their property or because they've rented space at the bus stop to advertise.

Riders said they don't care whose job it is to shovel and plow, they just want their stops cleared.

"It's bad enough that the bus stops are along the highway, but now it's covered in snow, like how are you supposed to get here? I think it's ridiculous, I think by now they should have a system set up where this should be done," Rayven Moody said.

Commuters in other parts of the Tri-State area were experiencing similar problems.

Snow-covered bus stop in Garden City, Long Island. (credit: John Pine/Facebook)

A viewer in Garden City, Long Island sent CBS2 a picture of their snow-covered bus stop.

In Huntington, WCBS 880's Sophia Hall saw one woman waiting for a bus while standing on busy Jericho Turnpike. Drivers could also been seen stopping or making quick and unsafe lane changes in order to avoid hitting people walking on the street Hall reported.

It's a grim reminder of last year when CBS2 first reported the problem and not much has changed in that time.

"It's just the same thing over and over every year," Kalra said.

Commuters are demanding action before someone possibly gets hurt.


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