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City Bakery's 20th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival Starts Wednesday

By Siobhan Wallace

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It was 1992 when City Bakery first turned February into a Hot Chocolate Festival.

This year, they'll celebrate 20 years of the tradition with 25 different flavors of hot chocolate - and a few are definitely worth it to stop by for.

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Almost all of the flavors appearing this year have been included in previous Festivals, making many of the annual devotees excited to see their favorites returning.

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One such favorite is the Earl Grey Hot Chocolate--available this year on Tuesday, the 21st. It's City Bakery's regular thick cup of hot chocolate, mixed with Earl Grey. The result is a thinner consistency, but with delicious Bergamont undertones from the tea.

The four repeating flavors--Sunken Treasure, Espresso, Ginger, and Banana Peel--are also all crowd-pleasers.

Sunken Treasure gets its name from the caramel coins and chocolate truffle slowly melting at the bottom of the cup.

Another oddly-named flavor is Ode to the Polar Bear on Wednesday, the 22nd.  The cup of cocoa is a buttery white hot chocolate drink.

For those in love with fruit and chocolate combinations will find delight on the 6th in Lemon Hot Chocolate, or the following day with Tropical Hot Chocolate. But they should make the effort to check out the 15th's Moulin Rouge Hot Chocolate; it's a mixture of lemon, pomegranate, and espresso.

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