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Why The Chipmunk Population Is Exploding In Connecticut

HARTFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- Some are calling it a chipmunk explosion.

According to wildlife biologists, a mild winter and an abundance of acorns and maple seeds has led to a surge in the chipmunk population throughout the state, WCBS 880's Fran Schneidau reported.

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Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection biologist Paul Rego says chipmunk populations are driven by hearty food supplies -- combined with a favorable temperatures, this combination can lead to a surge in chipmunk population growth.

"There are fluctuations, so if we have a hard winter and very low nest or acorn production this fall, we could see almost the opposite next year with very sparse chipmunk and mouse population," Rego said.

While they're cute little creatures, they may cause an issue for gardeners.

"They will dig in gardens, they will eat flower bulbs," Rego said.

Chipmunks mate two times a year and typically deliver litter of two to six babies, according to DEEP. Common predators include snakes, weasels, foxes, raccoons, owls, coyotes, bobcats, rats and house cats.



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