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Chaos Erupts In Times Square After Crowd Mistakes Backfiring Vehicles For Possible Mass Shooter

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There was widespread panic Tuesday night in Times Square after crowds mistook a backfiring vehicle for another mass shooting in America.

According to police, at least one motorcycle backfired near near Seventh Avenue and 46th Street multiple times just before 10 p.m.

Authorities report that the vehicle was part of a large group of motorcycles travelling through the area at the time.

Unfortunately, because of the recent mass shooting in Ohio and Texas, many visitors in the area panicked at what they thought was another attack.

According to multiple reports and several posts on social media, countless people in Times Square and in surrounding areas fled in terror.

Some social media users claim panicked individuals screamed "shooter" after hearing the backfiring motorcycle – sending more people stampeding in fear.

Several pedestrians were reportedly injured during the stampede. An exact number of injuries has not been determined, but none of them are said to be life-threatening.

Authorities say most of the wounds range from bumps and bruises to lacerations.

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