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Caught on video: NYPD vehicle swerves toward moped on Van Wyck Expressway

NYPD vehicle appears to swerve toward moped on Van Wyck
NYPD vehicle appears to swerve toward moped on Van Wyck 01:01

NEW YORK - An internal investigation is underway at the NYPD into a wild video circulating online

The NYPD is investigating a video of one of its own officers swerving toward someone else in traffic.

The NYPD told CBS2 they aware of the video posted to social media last week and they've launched an internal review.

The video shows a police car swerving multiple times toward someone riding what appears to be a moped. The NYPD vehicle also drives in two lanes at once alongside the moped.

The NYPD vehicle did not have lights or sirens on.

It happened on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens, right near the Long Island Expressway exit.

It was posted on May 14th to social media.

The full clip is about 39 seconds and we're working to find out what happened before and after.

Mopeds have similar requirements to motorcycles. You need to register it and have a license to drive it on streets and highways.

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