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Multiple Cars Damaged In Wall Collapse At Brooklyn Construction Site

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- At least three cars were badly damaged when a wall and scaffolding collapsed Wednesday in Brooklyn.

The parked cars were crushed and buried under a huge pile of scaffolding and bricks, CBS2's Scott Rapoport reported.

The car owners couldn't believe what happened.

One car belongs to Nigel Joefield.

"I was like, 'Wow, how did this happen?' So, I was in shock," Joefield said.

It was a messy and dangerous scene at the corner of Wythe Avenue and North 13th Street in Williamsburg. A wall and scaffolding collapsed at a building demolition site just before 9 a.m. Heavy debris rained down on the sidewalk and nearby cars.

A dark gray SUV belongs to a man who was seen on video talking on the phone with his insurance company. He was still trying to process it all.

Preliminary word from the FDNY and the Department of Buildings was that a piece of machinery at the site hit a wall, which tumbled onto the scaffolding, sending all the debris onto the cars and sidewalk below.

Julian Foster is a construction worker at a nearby project. His car was buried underneath it all.

"They were doing demolition over here, like for the past couple of days, so there's an excavator that hit the whole thing over and the wall just fell over," Foster said.

The silver lining is the FDNY said no one was injured. People at the scene said the area is largely industrial, so, fortunately, there weren't a lot of pedestrians on the street when the accident happened.

By early afternoon, crews were working to clean up the mess. Department of Buildings inspectors were said to be investigating.

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