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Concert Series Creates Otherworldly Ambiance Through Candlelight, Music & Architecture

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Classic music concerts with candlelight and local musicians are making a splash across New York City and beyond.

Thousands of LED candles bring extra enchantment to Brooklyn's St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church, painstakingly set up for a series of concerts that feel otherworldly and magical.

"And it's just a bath of senses," said Caro Sarkozi, associate producer at Fever Originals.

These Candlelight concerts are in more than 30 countries after stating in Madrid in 2019.

"When I walked in, I was amazed," Yonkers resident Mohamed Kahn said. He settled into the front row.

The performances at St. Ann include pop music with a string quartet.

"We actually looked at the playlist. We've listen to before and now we're gonna listen to it in acoustic style, so it's pretty cool," Kahn said.

Candlelight now adds ballet for New York City audiences. Enter Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre.

CBS2 went behind the scenes at rehearsal for a pair of Saturday night Candlelight shows at the Space at Irondale in Fort Greene.

"To be creating, working with live musicians, and for my dancers to have the experience of performing in this beautiful, beautiful historic venue with this amazing ambiance and the live music, it's just, it's a joy, a pure blessing," said Billy Blanken, director of Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre.

"Almost like, you know, heaven," said Jeffrey Wang, artistic director of the Highline String Quartet.

Wang is a regular with Candlelight concerts.

"The crowds are just so welcoming and open. It's really what we live for," he said.

The popularity of these shows is thanks to a melding of light, architecture and music that will move you.

Organizers say one of the most popular Candlelight concerts is a program that features the music of Taylor Swift. Visit for more information.

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