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Brash Burglars Drive-Off With ATM From Brooklyn Bodega In Tow

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- The hunt is on for a pair of brash burglars in Brooklyn. The suspects dragged off an ATM, but they were not very slick about it.

Video shows a black Escalade driving away with a chain pulling an ATM straight out of the wall of a bodega. The suspects drove off with the money machine dragging behind them.

"I asked the guy 'what happened?' He said somebody take the ATM," bodega owner Nicholas Gomez told CBS 2's Alice Gainer.

Gomez owns the Bridge Deli & Grocery Store on Wythe Avenue and South 8th Street. He said that someone called him immediately after the incident took place, around 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

The whole heist, including the bumbling first attempt was caught on surveillance video.

A man can be seen walking across the street in the upper right portion of the screen. He nonchalantly walks towards the ATM, and then goes off screen, before walking back to the ATM and attaching a chain. The SUV arrives, backs up, and a chain is attached. The SUV then begins to drive off, but sparks fly and the chain breaks off.

The suspects try again and disappear off of the screen.

Sources say the pair sped off toward the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. They then ran a red light where a camera got a picture of the SUV with its license plate.

Police hope they have enough information to track the suspects. Gomez hopes so too, as the suspects did quite a bit of damage.

"Broke my front door," Gomez said.

They also left a gaping hole where the ATM once stood. The hole has since been boarded up.

The ATM is believed to have had about $5,000 in it.

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