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Boomer & Carton: Starting A Frenzy-Fueled Friday

Friday's Open

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Boomer and Craig got things started Friday morning by discussing the league that just keeps on giving.

In a week which has really been unparalleled with regards to offseason player movement, the NFL is at the top of the heap as far as sports-talk chatter, especially here in New York with the Jets in the thick of it all.

Craig's guy, Mikey Mac, has been a busy man in this his rookie campaign as an NFL general manager and what more can you say other than so far, so good.  With all due respect to Todd Bowles, Craig couldn't help but wonder how the other guy, Rex Ryan, might have fared had he had Maccagnan going on a spending spree.

I guess we'll never know.

What we do know, is that in addition to all of the football news, yesterday was a 'Tanaka Thursday' and the Yanks ace 'dropped a deuce,' throwing a couple of perfect innings in his spring debut for the Bombers.

You know the drill. It's a Friday, now start actin' like it...


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