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Bikers Beware: New Safety Rules Will Crack Down On Reckless Riders

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Commercial and recreational bikers beware. Jimmy Vacca, chair of the City Council Transportation Committee is promising tough new safety rules in the coming year and strict enforcement of the current ones.

1010 WINS Reporter Stan Brooks has more from Jimmy Vacca...


A 2010 report by CBS2 exposed serious flaws in the recording of bike related accidents. The report prompted the Department Of Transportation to begin recording bike related accidents as motor-vehicle accidents.

The city's improved record keeping has paved the way for what Vacca says will be tough new policies for bike riders.

"We've got to make it clear that when you use a bicycle you have to go the right way on a one way street, you have to obey red lights, you have to stay off sidewalks. You have to consider motorists and pedestrians. You have to consider all users of public space in the city," Vacca said.

As Vacca sees it, pedestrians are always right and bikers must make sure that pedestrians are always safe.

Bike rider, pedestrian, or automobile; who do you think has the right of way on the city's streets? Let us know in our comments section below...

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