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Best Bakeries In Hoboken

Looking for Hoboken's best bakery? Buddy Valastro and TLC may have made Carlo's Bakery famous, but if you want to avoid the tourists and long lines, there are other options for fresh baked goods around the Mile Square city. From cannolis and cupcakes to breads and donuts, here's an insider's guide to the best pastries in Hoboken.
By Samantha Lazarus Bennet.

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Sweet Hoboken
Photo Credit: Sweet

343 Garden Street
(201) 420-0111

A corner bakery on a quiet street in Hoboken, Sweet has been whipping up tasty cupcakes and other baked goods since 2008. All of the bakery's treats are made from scratch and baked in their small kitchen behind the counter - but its mainly known for its tasty, and beautifully decorated cupcakes. Both standard size ($3.00) and miniature versions ($1.60) of each flavor are available - with a main list of cupcakes available daily and specialty flavors available only a few days of the week. Make sure to stop by the shop on Sunday evening for two reason 1. Cupcakes are buy one, get one free after 5 p.m. and 2. the chocolate coconut cupcake is available that day, and you'll be happy you saved room for dessert.

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Antique Bakery Hoboken
Photo Credit: Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery
122 Willow Avenue
(201) 714-9323

Hobokenites know that if you're in need of bread for a sandwich or Sunday dinner, you don't go to the supermarket - you head to Antique Bakery. Bakers in the city credit century-old coal ovens and the city's hard water (high mineral content) for the crunchy outside, chewy inside white-flour baguettes you'll see all over town. Antique Bakery is a no-frills store front that lets the shelves filled with bread of all sizes speak for itself. And with most bread costing between $.50 - $2.00, it makes sense to buy what you need, and then an additional loaf to eat on your walk home.

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(file photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Giorgio Pasticcerie Italiana
1112 Washington Street
(201) 792-3535

There is no shortage of Italian bakeries and delis in Hoboken. But if you're looking for quality Italian pastries, Giogio Pasticcerie Italiana is a cut above the rest. It's similar to the many no-frills, cash-only pastry shops you'll find around the city. But what the store lacks in decor, they make up for with their variety of colorful, yet simple Italian cookies, biscotti, cheesecake, and sfogliatelle, but the stand-out star is their cannolis. Regular or chocolate dipped, the crunchy fried shells and creamy sweet filling will make any mouth happy.

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Schnackenbergs Donuts
Photo Credit: Schnackenbergs

Schnackenberg's Luncheonette
1110 Washington Street

So this isn't exactly a bakery, but Schnackenberg's has by far the best homemade donuts in the city - and that counts as their baked goods. Step into the luncheonette, and you'll think you've traveled back in time, which is sort-of true, since the place has been around for 82 years. After some major renovations, Schnackenberg's opened back up in the Fall of 2013. The homemade donuts are reasonably prices at $1.00 each ($1.50 for filled or $10/dozen) and come in a variety of standard flavors. The dulce de leche filled donut is one of their fried shining stars, and takes you back to the old-school flavors and freshness of the short-order luncheonettes that used to be staples in every city.

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Samantha Lazarus Bennet is the Social Media Producer for CBS Local. Follow her on Twitter here.
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