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Benigno's Best: Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

By Joe Benigno
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Five weeks into the season we have two unbeaten teams and one winless team. Drew Brees broke a 52-year-old record once thought to be unbreakable. Everybody is over .500 in the NFC West, and what is wrong with the Packers?

1. Houston Texans 5-0 (1)

Houston remains unbeaten with a tougher-than-expected win over the wobbly Jets. Right now is there a better defensive player in the league than J.J. Watt?

Next: vs. Packers

2. Atlanta Falcons 5-0 (3)

Atlanta just keeps on winning, and it knocked out RGIII in a come-from-behind victory in D.C. Tony Gonzalez may be the greatest tight end in NFL history.

Next: vs. Raiders

3. San Francisco 49ers 4-1 (4)

The Niners have outscored their last two opponents (Jets and Bills) by a combined score of 79-3. Alex Smith and company put up more yards of total offense in their blowout of the Bills than any 49ers team in history. That's saying something, considering Hall of Famers Joe Montana, Steve Young & Y.A. Tittle all played in San Fran.

Next: vs. Giants

4. Chicago Bears 4-1 (8)

Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs returned INT's for touchdowns in consecutive games as their destroyed the horrible Jaguars. Has this ever happened before in the history of the league?

Next: Bye

5. Baltimore Ravens 4-1 (5)

It was an ugly win in KC as neither team could get in the end zone. Baltimore knocked Matt Cassel out of the game along the way, turning Chiefs fans into an ugly mob.

Next: vs. Cowboys

6. Arizona Cardinals 4-1 (2)

They better start finding a way to protect Kevin Kolb or things might start soon spiraling out of control for 'Zona. The Cards lost running back Ryan Williams for the season.

Next: vs. Bills

7. New England Patriots 3-2 (9)

First we had the K-gun, then we had the no-huddle and finally we had the hurry-up. Now the Pats have unveiled the double hurry-up. Defensive genius Bill Belichick has now become an offensive innovator.

Next: @ Seahawks

8. New York Giants 3-2 (unranked)

If the defending champs are going to run the ball like they did in their beating of the winless Browns -- gaining over 230 yards on the ground -- then this is football's best offense. But where is that pass-rush?

Next: @ 49ers

9. Minnesota Vikings 4-1 (10)

Minni' beats up the woeful Titans at home. Could this be 2012's biggest surprise team? We'll find out.

Next: @ Redskins

10. Philadelphia Eagles 3-2 (6)

It's a tough call on number 10, but if Michael Vick keeps turning the ball over, they won't be in the top 1o for long.

Next: vs. Lions

Your thoughts on Joe's rankings? Let us know in the comments section below...

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