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Police: Man Arrested In Connection With Theft Of Designer Purses In Bedford Hills

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Westchester authorities have arrested a suspect believed to be behind several thefts at high-end consignment shops in the greater New York area.

Bedford police said DeShawn Davis, 40, was arrested Friday at his residence in Brooklyn.

Davis is accused of stealing four designer purses worth a total of $24,030 from a consignment shop in Bedford Hills on Aug. 19.

Police said Davis and a female accomplice walked into the consignment shop filled with security cameras and were slick enough to spend about 40 minutes grabbing expensive bags completely undetected.

Surveillance video shows the two in action as they walk in and start browsing. In all the pair stole a brown Chanel bag worth over $4,700, a black Chanel bag worth nearly $5,000, a nearly $10,000 blue Birkin bag, and a Celine Python tote worth more than $4,200.

"He's been ID'd through several witnesses at the store who were working that day as the person that committed these larcenies," Bedford Police Lt. Tom Diebold told CBS2's Mark Morgan.

At the store where Davis and his accomplice allegedly stole from, there is great relief that an arrest has been made.

"We knew they would be apprehended or at least somebody was going to be apprehended," said Melinda Arkin, owner of the Penny Pincher. "We're very, very pleased that we could be instrumental in trying to get these people off the street."

Davis and his female accomplice, who is still be at large, are also suspected in similar high-end thefts at consignment shops on Long Island, Bedford police said.

Police said following the Bedford Hills theft, authorities in East Hampton Village and South Hampton Village helped identify Davis as a suspect. Davis is also suspected in a consignment store theft in Rosyln, Morgan reported.

Davis is charged with third-degree grand larceny. He's being held without bail and is due back in court next week.

Police said the stolen bags have not been recovered.

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