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B&C Morning Show: NBA's Slam-Dunk No. 1 Pick Anthony Davis Calls In

College basketball's Player of the Year and the consensus choice for the number one pick in Thursday's NBA Draft, Anthony Davis joined Boomer and Craig via the hotline.

He talks about his one year playing at Kentucky and how much he loved the electric atmosphere within the city of Lexington once basketball season came around. He says he will miss playing at the college level despite only getting a one-year taste of it.

Craig asks Davis if he was rooting for any one team in particular to win the draft lottery. He insists he was not. They go on to cover everything from what position he sees himself playing in the NBA, to whether or not he gets a hard time for his very prominent unibrow.

Mark Messier even returns a phone call from Craig right in the middle of the interview, so Craig decides to answer. It turns out Davis doesn't even know who Messier is, but he's only 19 years old, so we'll give him a break on that.

LISTEN: NBA's Slam-Dunk No. 1 Pick Anthony Davis Calls In

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