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'Back To The Future' Day Is Here! Lyft Offers 20-Minute DeLorean Rides

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The future has arrived.

It's Oct. 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly and Emmett "Doc'' Brown landed in the future in "Back to the Future II."

The "Back to the Future" trilogy traveled the past, present and future in a DeLorean and a ride-hailing company is giving New Yorkers the chance to ride around in a real DeLorean.

Lyft has partnered with Verizon and Universal to offer free DeLorean rides in the city Wednesday to celebrate "Back to the Future" Day.

The promotion runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be requested by pressing a special "McFly Mode" button on the Lyft app.

The rides run 20 minutes.

For Bob Gale, the writer and co-producer of the "Back to the Future" movies, Oct. 21 has always been the most important day on his calendar -- after his wedding day and the day his daughter was born.

"Forever and ever it will be known as 'Back to the Future Day.' How great is that," Gale said.

The original 1989 film got some things right in its depiction of 2015, including glasses that look just like Google Glasses and what appears to be Skyping on a flat-screen television.

"In your mind what's the coolest thing you got right?" CBS2's Jim Axelrod asked Gale.

"The coolest thing that is happening is the hover board thing; the hover board thing was a total flight of fancy," Gale said. "And now we've got Arx Pax in Los Gatos, they have a magnetic hover board now."

While there was no "Jaws 19" and no Black & Decker Hydrator, Gale did predict something no one outside Chicago would have -- the Cubs winning the World Series.

The dream of getting that prediction right is still alive.

"The Cubs might get in the World Series and they might win it," Gale said.

To celebrate the day, the original cast will appear at a screening of the film Wednesday at Lincoln Center and hundreds of theaters are hosting screenings across the country.

Amazon Prime is also streaming the trilogy, and Universal is releasing a special edition trilogy box set in packaging that resembles Doc Bron's flux capacitor.

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