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Avoid Giving The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts This Year

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There's just four days left before Valentine's Day is here, so you might want to get going on that gift for your special someone.

As CBS2's Emily Smith reported, it's a holiday packed with pressure for some and can bring out the differences in what a person expects from their significant other, which can leave a lot of room for disappointment.

"The worst gift is probably a lump of coal," said one man.

"Something for the home would be not right. (A new vacuum cleaner?) Yea. ha," said one woman

Experts say you can never go wrong with flowers, but there's something you have to remember:

"A lot of times, interestingly enough, my patients will tell me they are very touches by what someone will write in a card; that, (the message) means a lot to them," said psychologist Dr. Harris Stratyner.

Dr. Stratyner said without a card, flowers can quickly fall into the worst gift category, and price gouged flowers can drop them there too.

"Well everybody does things differently on the holidays. We try to keep our prices the same all year-long," said owner of Flowers by Nicholas, Nicholas Raptis.

Psychologists also suggest it's usually best to steer clear of household appliances, cheap underwear, and don't purchase someone a new pet unless you know he or she is able to care for it and an animal lover.

No matter what though, experts say the worst thing you can do: "Nothing actually! Yea, that's the worst," said one man.

Even for the biggest Valentine's Day naysayers, psychologists say it's best to do something thoughtful as a symbol of your love and affection.

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