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5 Best Eating And Drinking Events This Weekend

This weekend you can sketch, browse, watch, shop, cheer, and support, along with whatever else your heart desires during the depths of winter. Check out our picks for the best in eating, drinking, and merrymaking. By Jessica Allen.

(credit: Outsider Art Fair)

The Outsider Art Fair is an art fair for the rest of us. Generally speaking, outsider art is made by folks outside of the mainstream or art world establishment. Its artists tend to be driven primarily by internal motivations, by an imaginative drive that forces them to create even if they don't know how to do so. Sound wacky? Cool? Too simplistic? Have a stroll around the fair and see what there is to see. You just might be inspired yourself. Thursday, January 29, through Sunday, February 1, see schedule for details.

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

Celebrate the wild! That's the tagline for the New York WILD Film Festival, "the first annual documentary film festival in New York to showcase a spectrum of topics, from exploration and adventure to wildlife and the environment, bringing all things WILD to the most urban city in the world." With any luck, you'll walk away from a screening with a renewed appreciation for the natural world. Thursday, January 29, through Saturday, January 31, see schedule for details, tickets required.

(credit: Theater for the New City)

More than 10 tribes from the Iroquois and Native Peoples of the Northeast, Great Plains, and Southwest regions will participate in the 40th annual Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Dance Concert and Pow Wow, featuring stories, dancing, traditional foods, costumery, and music. Certain programs also include a participatory component, wherein the audience will be invited to join. Friday, January 30, through Sunday, February 8, see schedule for details, tickets required.

(credit: Dr. Sketchy's)

Best leave the kiddies at home for this event, which takes place at the Pleasure Chest, an adult store that's been "making life sexier since 1971." You will, however, want to pack your drawing pencils and your sketchbook. Dr. Sketchy's bills itself as the "anti-art school," welcoming professionals and nonprofessionals to spend a few hours drawing their (alt.) models and schmoozing. Dabblers are welcome, gawkers are not. Complimentary wine! Saturday, January 31, 6 pm, free.

Figure Skating Of Harlem
(credit: Figure Skating of Harlem)

The 18th annual Soul on Ice Winter Skating Party features food, music, a raffle, time on the ice, meets-and-greets with Olympians, and demonstrations by Figure Skating of Harlem, which seeks to "combin[e] the power of education with the discipline of figure skating to transform young lives and help underserved girls achieve academic success, physical health, and emotional well-being." Break out the checkbook! An event that benefits this organization sounds totally worthwhile to us. Monday, February 2, 6 pm, $50, tickets required.

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