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EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY: This week "Sunday Morning" presents the "Food Issue," our annual holiday broadcast devoted to all things epicurean. 

Host Jane Pauley invites you to "eat, drink & be merry." CBS News

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RECIPES: 2017 "Food Issue" recipe index
Delicious menu suggestions from top chefs, cookbook authors, celebrity chefs, and the editors of Food & Wine magazine.

Feeding the need: Expanding school lunch programs | Watch Video
Today more than 30 million schoolchildren benefit from the National School Lunch Act, signed by President Truman in 1946. For many students, it may be the only nutritional meal they get -- and some kids are still being denied a hot meal because their parents can't afford it. Lee Cowan visits a school district in Indiana where an innovative approach to feeding schoolchildren means no one gets turned away. He also meets a New Mexico legislator who backed a bill to fight "lunch shaming."

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Making tiny donuts on "Tiny Kitchen." Tastemade

ARTISTRY: Creating the bite-sized foods of "Tiny Kitchen" | Watch Video
Anna Werner meets the chefs who create food so tiny it could fit in a dollhouse -- created in a kitchen that is actually in a dollhouse.


Creating tiny food for "Tiny Kitchen"

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Multi-Cookers: The kitchen gadget that's all the rage | Watch Video
Multi Cookers look like slow cookers and cook like pressure cookers -- and they're all the rage. Martha Teichner checks out the kitchen gadget of the moment: The Instant Pot.

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TODAY'S SPECIAL #1: Pumpkin spice | Watch Video
Susan Spencer tells us what's hot in the culinary world, with three pieces on food fads. Her first brings us the very spice of life.

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Ketchup - the ubiquitous condiment that seems to go with everything. CBS News

CONDIMENT: Ketchup, a sweet and sour love story | Watch Video
There's a lot you don't know about ketchup. Luke Burbank fills you in.

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The family-run pub is now destination dining. CBS News

POSTCARD FROM ENGLAND: A visit to the Black Swan, the Best Restaurant in the World | Watch Video
Tommy Banks' little family-run pub in Yorkshire, called The Black Swan at Oldstead, has been named by Trip Advisor the "Best Restaurant in the World," based on posted customer reviews.  The honor has had even more impact on business than the Michelin star that Banks earned years ago. Mark Phillips checks out the menu.

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How veggies impersonate other foods | Watch Video
Susan Spencer tells us what's hot in the culinary world, with three pieces on food fads. Her second touches on the rise in vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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The head of a lifestyle empire has had an unlikely success -- pairing with rapper Snoop Dogg on the TV series, "Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party." CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Martha & Snoop, an unlikely pairing | Watch Video
She is the head of a lifestyle empire. He is a rapper. Their unlikely pairing is at the heart of the VH1 series "Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party." Tracy Smith joins Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg in the kitchen to find out their special recipe for success.

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A Houston chef that's living the dream | Watch Video
Michelle Miller visits the Houston hotspot Hugo's, and meets the chef and owner, Hugo Ortega, whose story of success is as flavorful as his Mexican dishes. 

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CBS News

LIQUOR: Whisky from the Land of the Rising Sun | Watch Video
Mo Rocca is in Japan to sample the whisky everyone's talking about.

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Just one of the hundreds of lunchboxes on display at the Lunchbox Museum in Columbus, Ga. CBS News

NOSTALGIA: Childhood memories preserved at the Lunchbox Museum | Watch Video
Chances are as a youngster you carted your lunch to school in a lunchbox. Nancy Giles takes us to the Lunchbox Museum in Columbus, Ga.

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BEVERAGE: Reintroducing Yemeni coffee to America | Watch Video
Yemenis were the first to cultivate coffee, which has been heralded as the best in the world, but years of conflict have prevented Yemeni farmers from growing and exporting their crop. John Blackstone meets importer Mokhtar Alkhanshali, whose journey to Yemen to aid coffee growers there has resulted in a most delicious -- and expensive -- cup.  

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Rolled ice cream, the specialty of Sweet Charlie's in Philadelphia.  CBS News

TODAY'S SPECIAL #3: The hot new dessert: Rolled ice cream | Watch Video
Susan Spencer tells us what's hot in the culinary world, with three pieces on food fads. Her third dishes up the latest scoop in desserts.

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Wild turkeys (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning before Thanksgiving with wild turkeys living it up near Elma, New York. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.



A Butterball University training session helps call center employees at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line to answer questions from anxious home cooks about preparing the holiday bird. CBS News

ADVICE: Talking turkey (Video)
"Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley takes us to the classroom at Butterball University, where students learn how to help when you call the hotline with turkey problems.

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"Sunday Morning" videographer Carl Mrozek on the difficult process of capturing bats on camera.


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