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Sunday, March 18: "Mind Matters"
Jane Pauley hosts a special broadcast devoted to features about the mysteries of the brain.

Mo Rocca interviews biographer Walter Isaacson about the meaning of genius. CBS News

COVER STORY: In search of genius | Watch Video
"Genius" is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. Author Walter Isaacson, who has written bestselling biographies of Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs, says smart people are a dime a dozen, but being a genius means you must be creative, imaginative, and possess uncontainable curiosity. Mo Rocca reports.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Is curiosity a mark of true genius?
Mo Rocca talks with bestselling author Walter Isaacson, whose biographies of such figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs have given him particular insight into what makes a genius.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Vint Cerf on the prospect of a "digital dark age"
Engineer Vint Cerf, who helped pioneer the internet, talks with Mo Rocca about the frailty and impermanence of digitally-stored information and how, in coming decades, the pictures and other digital content that has been preserved on floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and other media will be unusable.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jennifer Doudna on the curiosity of a child
Biochemist Jennifer Doudna talks with Mo Rocca about how her childhood curiosity was nourished, by books and by the natural world around her growing up in Hawaii, and how it inspired her career choice.

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: Stephen Hawking | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" looks back at the life of the acclaimed theoretical physicist and author of "A Brief History of Time," who died this week at 76. 

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Vincent Van Gogh's 1889 self portrait, at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. CBS News

ART: A brush with madness | Watch Video
Vincent Van Gogh is just one of scores of artists, writers, musicians and other creative people who are known or believed to have suffered from mental illness. What goes on in the brain that might create a relationship between mania and creativity? Rita Braver reports.

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In a series of three vignettes, Susan Spencer introduces us to three remarkable people.

SAVANTS TRIPTYCH #1: Meet an acquired savant | Watch Video
A childhood injury left Alonzo Clemons with severe brain damage. He can't read or write or do math. And yet, as naturally as the rest of us breathe, Clemons can sculpt, all with his bare hands.

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ESP: ESP: Inside the government's secret program of psychic spies | Watch Video
Is extra-sensory perception real? Can our minds see thing beyond the physical? Erin Moriarty reports.

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Knitting as a relaxant. CBS News

THE BRAIN: How busy hands can alter our brain chemistry | Watch Video
Researchers think activities that occupy our hands -- folding laundry, yardwork -- are actually making our brains happier. Tony Dokoupil tests out the theory.

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George Widener's art is awash with numbers, dates and days - a sign of his uncanny ability to identify the day of the week any date falls on, in the past or the future. CBS News

SAVANTS TRIPTYCH #2: Meet a calendar savant | Watch Video
Artist George Widener is a calendar savant. Give him a year and a date, and he'll produce the day of the week with astonishing accuracy. Susan Spencer reports.

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MRI scans of a canine brain. CBS News

ANIMALS: Measuring animal intelligence | Watch Video
What goes on in an animal's mind? A neuroscientist at Emory University believed he might find out by placing animals in an MRI scanner, and analyzing how their brains respond to different stimulations. Martha Teichner checked out his findings, and the research of other scientists studying the complexities of animal brains.

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Glenn Close with her nephew, Calen, and sister, Jessie. Bring Change to Mind

HEALTH: Changing minds: Glenn Close's personal battle to destigmatize mental illness | Watch Video
Glenn Close's character in "Fatal Attraction" is one of her most memorable roles – and is considered one of the great villains of the 20th century. But she told Tracy Smith she might play the character differently today, knowing what she knows now about mental illness. 

That's because today, Close knows something she didn't back then -- that mental illness runs in her own family.  Her nephew, Calen has schizophrenia; and Glenn's sister Jessie, after a lifetime of struggles, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

Glenn and Jessie have since started a foundation. Bring Change to Mind creates multimedia campaigns and holds events to encourage communication around mental health, and to de-stigmatize mental illness. 

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 LSD: A wonder drug once again? | Watch Video
Faith Salie reports on how LSD and "magic mushrooms" are being studied for their ability to help some patients conquer anxiety and depression without the psychedelia long associated with mind-altering drugs.

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Meet a painting savant | Watch Video
For the last six years Ione Kuhner has gradually lost her grasp on much of daily life due to early-onset Alzheimer's. 

But amazingly she's also started painting … something the former dental assistant had never thought about doing before her illness. Susan Spencer reports. 

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Adam Grant: Mind your meditation! | Watch Video
The psychologist and New York Times bestselling author says people who criticize others for not meditating should, like, chill. 

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 Snowy owl (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning in Genesee County in western New York, home to a snowy - and presumably - wise old owl. Videographer: Carl Mrozek



Week of March 19 | Watch Video
From a "Star Trek" star's birthday to the March For Our Lives, "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.



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