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Sanitizing a classroom at the University of Mississippi.  CBS News

COVER STORY: Higher education during a pandemic – Giving it the old college try | Watch Video
The coronavirus is leaving its mark on colleges and universities, perhaps permanently. With schools working hard to keep COVID-19 off-campus, 13% percent of colleges will offer online-only classes, while 35% will offer a mix of virtual and socially-distanced in-person classes. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger reports on how educators and students are adjusting to an on-campus experience that will be, as one university professor describes it, "some combination of a monastery and a minimum security prison."

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A detail from artist Bradley Hart's bubble wrap painting of Michael Jackson.  Bradley Hart

ART: Pop art, by bubble wrap artist Bradley Hart | Watch Video
Wielding a syringe instead of a brush, artist Bradley Hart injects paint into the plastic bubbles of bubble wrap, turning the ubiquitous packing material into pointillist portraits. Correspondent Lee Cowan reports.

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Atomic bomb anniversary
The Japanese city of Hiroshima marked the 75th anniversary of the world's first nuclear attack on Thursday. The United States said the bombing led to Japan's surrender in World War II, and prevented the need for an invasion. Some historians believe Japan was already close to surrender. An estimated 140,000 people died as a result of the blast (about 40% of the city's population).

Taking an RV for a test drive.  CBS News

TRAVEL: RV life booms during the pandemic | Watch Video
Looking to take a vacation while avoiding COVID? Many families are heading out AND staying home, exploring public spaces while avoiding public bathrooms and hotels, by traveling in an RV. The pandemic is driving up sales of midrange recreational vehicles, which have nearly doubled compared to last summer. And as The New Yorker magazine's Kelefa Sanneh finds out, some motorhomes have amenities you may not even have in your own home.

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Correspondent Rita Braver with Dr. Jill Biden. CBS News

POLITICS: Dr. Jill Biden on family, teaching, loss and levity | Watch Video
A community college teacher, even while serving as the second lady during the Obama administration, Dr. Jill Biden says she wants to continue to teach even if her husband, former vice president Joe Biden, wins the presidency. In an interview with correspondent Rita Braver, Jill talks about her childhood, her marriage, standing up for her family, the loss of a child, the challenges of campaigning, and seeking joy even in challenging times.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: From 2009: Jill Biden, second lady of the land (Video)
When you watch Dr. Jill Biden shaking every hand in sight, stuffing gift bags for soldiers, or inviting veterans and their families to the vice president's house, you may be tempted to say, "Isn't she nice!" That would be a mistake, as correspondent Rita Braver points out. According to Biden, she'd accept "'energetic,' 'interesting,' 'vivacious,' but 'nice' is blah. It's just too bland. So, I never want to be 'nice.'" (Originally broadcast December 13, 2009.)

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 In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" looks back at three notable figures who left us this week: Pianist and educator Leon Fleisher; journalist and author Pete Hamill; and former national security advisor to two presidents, Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft.

Jim Gaffigan is going green, literally.  CBS News

COMMENTARY: Jim Gaffigan on acquiring a green thumb | Watch Video
During these unsettling times, the comedian has found a measure of control by planting seeds, watering them, and growing something where there used to be just dirt.

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A portrait of President Gerald Ford. David Hume Kennerly

PHOTOGRAPHY: One photographer's intimate view of the presidency | Watch Video
On August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon resigned in the face of Watergate investigations and impeachment hearings, and Gerald R. Ford became the 38th President of the United States. Ford's hand-picked official photographer was 27-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winner David Hume Kennerly, who was granted unheard-of access to the First Family. Correspondent Jim Axelrod talks with Kennerly about his remarkable time in the Ford White House; and with Ford's son, Steven, who remembers his father's close relationship with the photographer.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: The story behind an iconic Betty Ford photo
Pulitzer Prize-winner David Hume Kennerly was the official White House photographer during the Ford administration. In this web extra, he talked with correspondent Jim Axelrod about how he captured a remarkable photo of first lady Betty Ford – and about President Gerald Ford's reaction once he finally saw it.

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The legendary singer-songwriter is looking back in a new audio memoir, and in an album of songs he loved while growing up in North Carolina, "American Standard." CBS News

MUSIC: James Taylor on how memories feed his memoir and music | Watch Video
Life these days is pretty sweet for James Taylor, the musician-songwriter famed for such hits as "Fire and Rain," "Carolina In My Mind" and "Sweet Baby James." Jane Pauley visited Taylor at his home in the Berkshires of Massachusetts to talk about his audio memoir on his early days in North Carolina, and a new album exploring the songs Taylor loved growing up, titled "American Standard." (This story was originally broadcast on February 2, 2020.)

To stream James Taylor's latest album, "American Standard," click on the player below (Free Spotify registration required to hear the tracks in full):

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CBS News poll

CBS News

Aftermath of catastrophic Beirut blast (Video)
The death toll continues to climb from the horrific explosion in Beirut Tuesday that leveled much of the Lebanese city's port area and left a quarter-million people homeless. Correspondent Imtiaz Tyab reports.

Protesters torn down a statue commemorating slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol, England, before pitching it into the harbor, June 7, 2020.  CBS News

HISTORY:  A historical reckoning for the global slave trade | Watch Video
The Black Lives Matter campaign, which was propelled by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, has become a worldwide movement, particularly in Britain, where the former colonial power is struggling to come to terms with the global stain of racism and its slave-trading history. Correspondent Mark Phillips talks with art curators and historians about how countries like Britain profited from the triangle trade, and how slave owners profited even after slavery was abolished.

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Beluga whales (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us among beluga whales near the town of Churchill, in Manitoba, Canada. Videographer: Mauricio Handler. 


Grateful Dead lead singer Jerry Garcia performs at the Oakland Coliseum on Nov. 1, 1992. AP

MUSIC: Remembering Jerry Garcia
The lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead died 25 years ago, on August 9, 1995. Today, the band's music is more accessible than ever before. 

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