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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 31, 2015

Heartland deluge

Mandatory evacuations orders are in place in parts of the Midwest as the region braces for potentially historic flooding. The rising waters are blamed for at least 20 deaths in Missouri and Illinois, and rivers haven't hit their peaks yet. Almost a dozen levees are at risk of breaching.

NYE terror fears

In some major European cities, fears of terrorism in the wake of the deadly attacks on Paris have forced serious reconsideration of what is normally a night of massive public celebration. As police thwart an alleged plot in the Belgian capital, it's going to be a very quiet New Year's Eve for thousands of people.

Race highlights

The past year has seen the people hoping to take up residence at the White House throw their political machines into full swing, and it's been a roller coaster year for presidential campaign surprises. We look at five of 2015's big political convulsions as we head into a new, election year.

Micro menace

Environmental activists are applauding a new law signed by President Obama this week outlawing tiny plastic "microbeads" from use in personal care products. Scientists say the little plastic pieces are not only pollutants, but could end up posing a risk on your family's dinner table.

Getting home

It's become a New Year's tradition as predictable as the ball drop at midnight: the Uber price surge. Uber's chief competitor in the ride sharing business, Lyft, also raises prices during peak demand. But if you don't want to pay a premium, there are some alternatives to consider as you plan your big night out.

Anonymous, not shy

The hackers' collective Anonymous has had a year of headlines and trending hashtags. The shadowy group seemed determined to make its mark by going after a target people could universally rally against: ISIS. But it also made some very public missteps.

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