This Morning from CBS News: Aug. 6, 2014

Screen shot from video obtained by CBS News of Andre McCollins being shocked at the Judge Rotenberg Center in 2002

CBS News

Shocking Shock Method -- a special CBS News Investigation

CBS News is out with the results of a special investigation into the use of electric shock treatments to try to change harmful behaviors in children and adults with developmental disabilities.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering a ban on using electrical stimulation devices to modify aggressive or self-injurious behavior in people with severe emotional problems and developmental disorders such as autism.

CBS News' Anna Werner spoke with Jennifer Msumba, who is suing the Judge Rotenberg Center, or JRC, the only facility in the country known to use electric shock.

CBS News Poll -- Conflict in the Middle East

The conflict in Gaza, who's to blame, and the President's handling of the crisis.

A new CBS News Poll.

Mideast truce holds, diplomacy ramps up

CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata reports from Tel Aviv on Wednesday that, despite the longest lull in fighting since the current crisis began, the cease-fire feels more like a standoff, and the prospect of a return to war doesn't seem far away: Israeli tanks are still positioned right on the Gaza border.

Gaza: Extent of the damage

After weeks of relentless bombardment, the full extent of the damage is only just beginning to sink in. Many of the people who were finally able to return home Tuesday found they had no home to go to. There are entire neighborhoods that have been completely destroyed.

Ebola Protocol

Dr.Hany Attalah, chief of emergency medicine at Grady Hospital, walks Dr. Jon LaPook through the protocol for suspected Ebola cases. Meanwhile, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, missionaries who contracted Ebola while caring for victims in Liberia, are both now under the close watch of specialists at Emory University Hospital.

Ebola: What are the symptoms?

Public fear of the Ebola virus has begun to spread far beyond West Africa, where it has taken the lives of at least 887 people. Medical institutions in the U.S. and beyond are on alert to identify and immediately isolate any patient who presents with symptoms that may be related to the illness.

What exactly are doctors looking for when they suspect a patient may have Ebola?

American Fighting in Syria Worry U.S.

It's very hard to tell which of the estimated 100 to 200 Americans who have traveled to Syria since 2011 might come home and pose a threat. And it's not just American fighters, either. Europeans who have become radicalized pose an equally great threat because they can enter the U.S. without obtaining a visa if their radicalization went undetected and they were not placed on any watch list.

What's driving stock market volatility?

After the relative calm and quiet of the last few months, the newfound market volatility is causing many investors to wonder what's driving the selling and how much longer it will continue. At its core, the problem is that the "Goldilocks" condition that has prevailed and supported share prices is beginning to end.

Security of the Internet of Things

As hackers gather in Las Vegas for the Black Hat cybersecurity conference, challenging the security of the Internet of Things seems to be this year's hottest topic.

Godzilla's roots

Godzilla returned to the big screen this summer with the help of computer animation, but when he made his debut nearly 60 years ago, the king of monsters was an actor in a suit. Seth Doane found the original Godzilla in Tokyo.

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