This Morning from CBS News: Aug.18, 2014

Protester kicks tear gas canister back toward police during demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo. on night of August 7, 2014


Seeking to quell violence

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has called out the National Guard after another night of trouble in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Police used tear gas to clear protesters off the streets late Sunday. Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson told reporters early Monday that police had to respond after shots were fired at them and others and several locations were looted or vandalized, including a McDonald's where employees felt the need to lock themselves in a storage room for their safety.

Retirement on the edge

More than one-third of all working-age adults haven't managed to save any money toward retirement, according to a survey by The personal finance site found that 26 percent of people 50-to-54-year-olds and 14 percent of those age 65 and older have no savings.

Dangerous borrowing

Borrowing money from your 401(k) or other retirement plans at work can be one of the very worst financial moves you could possibly make. Here's why.

Dam battle

Iraqi state television reported Monday that Iraqi national and Kurdish forces had retaken the key Mosul dam from ISIS. If confirmed, this would be a hugely symbolic and strategic victory in the months-long battle against the insurgents. Kurdish fighters told CBS News, however, that they were moving toward the dam complex slowly and cautiously due to concerns over possible booby traps, and that ISIS militants continued to fire on them.

Containing ISIS

The U.S. hopes to contain ISIS, using air power, until the Iraqi government and other regional powers can neutralize the threat. But some worry whether Washington can afford to wait for Baghdad to get its act together, given the continuing humanitarian catastrophe caused by ISIS gains and the fear ISIS is establishing a safe haven for terrorism.

Greater danger

House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said on "Face the Nation" he believes the rise of ISIS has put the U.S. in more danger than it was in before the Sept. 11 attacks more than a decade ago.

Angry mob

The battle against the West African Ebola outbreak suffered a huge setback this weekend, reports CBS News' Debora Patta. Widespread fear of the deadly virus turned ugly as an angry mob raided a clinic and quarantine center for suspected patients in the largest slum in Monrovia, resulting in dozens of infected patients walking back into the community and in contaminated items being removed.

Asian outreach

On the last full day of his trip to Asia, Pope Francis appeared to make the most visible outreach yet to China and other countries in the region that do not have diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

Plaza boycott

The Human Right Campaign is trying lead a celebrity boycott of New York's famed Plaza Hotel, because of the harsh Muslim rule of the hotel's possible new owner, the Sultan of Brunei, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy. In May, Jay Leno led a similar action when the Sultan boought the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Tech-savvy teen

Erik Finman is only 15, but has his own app company that employs 20 people. He told CBS News' Michelle Miller, one place he does not want to go is back to school.

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