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The 5 Principles of Guerrilla Marketing | BTalk


Jay Conrad Levinson
(Episode 567; 16 minutes 45) It's some time since Jay Conrad Levinson coined the phrase Guerrilla Marketing, but the principles are as sound today as they have always been.

In this edition of BTalk he describes the five key steps a guerrilla marketer should undertake to achieve outcomes that will drive profitability and lead to an increasingly efficient marketing spend.

The first is to start with a simple five-minute marketing plan, with seven single sentence elements for inclusion.

The others are:

  • experiment to determine the ideal combination of marketing weapons
  • commit to your campaign, weaponry and visual format
  • follow-up continually with customers and prospects
  • improve the precision of your target and budget
Jay provides a common-sense approach to marketing, with a wealth of experience behind him. He was involved in many of America's most successful marketing campaigns, including the Marlborough Man and United's Friendly Skies. Visit his website for more on guerrilla marketing.

See Jay Conrad Levinson in Australia at the Wealth From Marketing event in early September.

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