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Today in Trump: April 6, 2017

Trump & China
Trump & China 05:26

Today’s Latest News on Trump Administration

Syria Missile Strike Live Coverage:

The U. S. lauched cruise missiles against Syrian regime targets Thursday evening.

Gorsuch Senate confirmation vote: Nuclear Option enacted

Senate “nuclear option” has been invoked by house Republicans, ending the Democrats filibuster. Live updates throughout the debate and vote process.

Trump and Syria: Mattis to brief on military action 

Defense Secretary James Mattis will brief Trump on Syria military options at Mar-a-Lago, reports say. Stay tuned for more on this breaking story.

Trump - Xi Jinping Summit

China’s Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago arrived in Florida for his meeting with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. The main agenda for the two leaders will be North Korea and trade.

Devin Nunes Recuses Himself

Breaking: Devin Nunes recused himself from the House Intelligence Committee investigation of Russia meddling in the U.S. election. House speaker Paul Ryan responded, supporting the decision.

Health care bill

We have come together on a new amendment,” Ryan said, that “brings us closer to the final agreement we all want to achieve.” He went on to say that the amendment, which would create a new risk-sharing program, has been “embraced by a broad spectrum of our conference.”  

House Republicans health care negotiations stall

After a week of new negotiations between the White House and Republican conservatives and moderates, the House is expected to leave town Thursday for a two-week recess without voting on a health care bill, CBS News’ Catherine Reynolds reports.

Recent Trump Administration News:

Trump says he’s changing his attitude on Syria, Assad 

President Trump said in a joint news conference with Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein Wednesday his approach to Syria and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is changing, especially in the wake of the “unacceptable” suspected chemical attacks that killed dozens Tuesday.  

Steve Bannon removed from NSC

Top White House adviser Steve Bannon’s position has been removed from the National Security Council’s Principals Committee, a group of the president’s top national security officials that considers policy issues affecting national security, according to a White House memo published in the Federal Register Tuesday.  

Ivanka Trump interview

Ivanka Trump told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King in an exclusive interview Wednesday that she manages “any conflict” of interest that arises concerning Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.   

Trump: Susan Rice may have committed a crime by unmasking names

Citing no evidence, President Trump says that President Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice may have committed a crime by unmasking names of Trump associates in U.S. intelligence reports collected by intelligence agencies.  

House Republicans are still split on health care after meeting with Mike Pence

 The Trump administration and Republican lawmakers plan to continue their uphill effort to exhume the House GOP’s health care bill, but remain adrift and divided over how to reshape it to attract enough votes to muscle it through the chamber.  

House Democrats petition for Trump’s tax returns

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, joined by other members of the House Democratic caucus, announced a discharge petition requiring the release of President Trump’s tax returns.

Gorsuch protest

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley, of Oregon has taken over the floor and has been speaking for hours to protest Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to be Supreme Court justice.

Trump border wall

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told a Senate committee hearing on Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s much-touted border wall is “unlikely” to stretch from “sea to shining sea.”

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