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Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson

(Episode 386; 18 minutes 35) It's been a tense week of politics here in Australia. Prime Minister Rudd thought he had a deal with the federal opposition, but a leadership spill in the Liberal party has seen the bill blocked in the Senate. So what was in the bill that made it so contentious? Was it really nothing more than another tax on Australian businesses and consumers?

On today's BTalk Australia I talk to Grant Anderson, a partner who specialises in energy and resources law at international law firm Allens, Arthur, Robinson.

We talk about what we can expect to be resolved at the Copenhagen Climate Conference (6-18 December) and the role Australia plays in the drive for global climate change.

Grant Anderson is co-author of the study "One Hat Does Not Fit All; Climate Change Policies in the Asia Pacific Region". Download it here.

We could be opening a can of worms here, but please leave your views on the ETS. Was the opposition right to block it? Add comments in the Talkback section at the end of this post.