BTalk Turns 100 | BTalk Australia


(26min 23) Welcome to the 100th episode of BTalk Australia.

Back in June we kicked off a daily podcast, aimed at Aussies but intended to be of interest to BNet users the world over. Today you can hear the variety of topics we have covered so far as we take a soundbite from each of the first 99 stories.

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The First 100 Don't Boss Me Around | BTalk Australia - Professor James Sarros from Monash University
Do Older Workers Have the Staying Power? - Grahame Doyle of Hays Recruitment
Is Now a Good Time to Grow Your Business? - ANZ Bank's Rob Goudswaard
It Pays to be Environmentally Responsible - Amanda McCluskey from Colonial First State Global Asset Management
Early Retirement? You're Dreamin' - Michael Davison, CPA Australia's Superannuation Policy Advisor
IP - See It, Hear It, Just Don't Touch It - Peter Willimott from IP Australia
Freemales, Spuds and Salary Miners - Graham Plant, Managing Director of Pacific Micromarketing
The Mysterious Art of SEO - Google's Adam Lasnik
Be Careful What You Promise - Geoff Williams, NSW Regional Director of the ACCC
I'm Outta Here - Peter Wilson, National President of the Australian Human Resources Institute
The Fine Art of Media Planning - Greg Allardice from Media Futures
Non-Compete Clauses. Great If You Like Gardening - business lawyer Peter Townsend
Go It Alone and Escape Corporate Life - Naomi Simson, the founder and CEO of Red Balloon Days
6% Inflation? Let's Hope Not - Dr Sam Tsiaplias from the Melbourne Institute
Born To Be Global - Peter Leisch, a professor of International Business at the University of Queensland
Brand. Who Needs It? - Dr Stephen Downes, a lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne
Are You Ready to Do Business in Asia? - Paul Tolton, a trainer for The Maura Fay Group.
Success at What Price? - Ron Wood of Pricing Insight
Gone Phishing - James Turner, analyst from IBRS
Retail Advertising Made Simple - Bruce Potter, Creative Director at Streetwise Advertising
Tell Everyone About Your Privacy - Karen Curtis, Australia's Privacy Commissioner
Customers Who Look After Themselves - Ross Checkley, the Australian MD for NCR
Is Now a Good Time to Buy Shares? - Greg Canavan, Head of Australasian Research at Fat Prophets
Living by Numbers - Noel Pettitt, Teradata's Vice President, South Pacific
Keep Employees, Look After Their Children - Anna McPhee the Director of Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency
Air Today Gone Tomorrow - aviation expert Tom Ballantyne
Head in the Cloud - Doug Farber,'s APAC Director of Operations
Trapped in Our Capital Cities - Dr Andrew Allen from the University of South Australia
Telstra Needs Threat of Separation - Telco analyst Paul Budde
Which One for the Road? - motoring correspondent David Brown
Don't Get Mad, Get Managed - corporate psychologist Jasmine Sliger
Unifying Your Voice (Over IP) - Sara Adams, Regional Manager for Small & Medium Business at Cisco
Take Out the Garbage - Matt Glasner, Australian GM of Experian QAS
Get Your Website Right - Tony Redhead of Red Square Productions
I'm Not Here Right Now - John Ogier from 6 Degrees
What Colour Are You? - Greg Dixon, Managing Director of Career Builders
When One and One Make One - Max Coulthard, a senior lecturer at Monash University
Well Done. Now Go Away - Richard Froggatt, a Director of NGT Travel in Melbourne
The Cult of Six Sigma - Alan Skinner, a six sigma "black belt" from the University of Technology in Sydney
Are You Ready For a Career Change? - Alison Haynes. author of "Change: How to Kick Start Your Life and Refresh the Spirit"
Email Marketing Gets Personal - John Merakovsy, the Australian General Manager of Experian CheetahMail
Franchising. Why the Inquiry? - Adrian McFedries, the Managing Director of legal consultancy DC Strategy
Open Yourself Up to Web 2.0 - Simon Van Wyck, a founding partner of Hothouse Interactive
Manage Your Way Out of a Paper Jam - IDC's Rishi Gai
Aussies' Online Shopping Therapy - Kevin Mackin, General Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Coremetrics
How Clever Are You With Your Smart Phone? - Dr Kevin McIsaac, an advisor to research consultancy IBRS
Starbucks in a Land of Coffee Snobs - Prof Nick Wailes from the University of Sydney
Mentoring Is a Two-Way Street - Ann Rolfe from Mentoring Works
Start Up Right - Antony Banek, MD of Blue Central
Understanding Y - Clair Hausler, an Industry Analyst from IBIS World
Train and Retain - David Gage, General Manager of Dimension Data Learning Solutions
I Want My MBA - John Edwards from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Talk to the Machine Not the Hand - Paul Magee the Managing Director of VeCommerce
Choosy Job Candidates - Grahame Doyle from Hays Recruitment
Where the Bloody Hell Are They? - Matt Hingerty, the Managing Director of the Australian Tourism Export Council
Corporate Blogs and the Law - Christien Corns from law firm Middletons
Coffee and Other Recreational Drugs - Dr Michael Lyvers from Bond University
When the Going Gets Tough, Women Go Shopping - Marz Ganz, industry manager at IBISWorld
Great Career Move, Shame About the Kids - Gavin Machell, the Vice Principal at the École Mondiale World School in Mumbai
Be The Master of Your Domain - Chris Disspain, the CEO of the Australian Domain Name Administrator (AUDA)
Corporate Twaddlespeak - John Ogier from Six Degrees
Is There Gold at the End of the Olympics? - James Thomson, the editor of
Privacy Changes For a Digital Age - Professor Les McCrimmon from the Australian Law Reform Commission
Are We Ready For Emissions Trading? - Susan Herron the CEO for AIM Victoria
Is it RIP for the TVC? - Scott Drummond, the online editor for Marketing Magazine
Small Business is Feeling the Hurt - Greg Evans from ACCI
Are We Paying Our Bosses Too Much? - Stephen Cornwell from Deloitte
Getting on Top of Brand Hierarchies - Dr Stephen Downes, a lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne
Is Oil Supply the Elephant in the Room? - Ian Dunlop, Deputy Convenor of the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil
Are Commodities Hiding the Real Export Story? - Christine Christian, CEO of Dun & Bradstreet
Second's Best - Guy Cranswick, an advisor for IBRS
DIY Superannuation - Michael Hallinan from Townsends Business Lawyers
Marketing Through Online Social Networks - social network strategist Laurel Papworth
In Business the Family Way - Bill Noye, chairman of KPMG's Family Business Services
Does Your CFO Know Marketing Lingo? - Roger James, chairman of the Australian Marketing Institute
End of Reporting Season Wrap - Greg Canavan from Fat Prophets
Do We Need an Aussie Mac? - Stephen Kirchner from the Centre for Independent Studies
Who Should Pay for Maternity Leave? - Jessica Brown from the Centre for Independent Studies
Is the Future Chrome? - Steven Noble, a senior analyst at Forrester Research
Work Longer, Live Longer - Peter Peterson, Chief Executive of Adult Learning Australia
Don't Sell Short - Alan Kohler, the Editor-in-Chief of Business Spectatator
The Intrepid Travel Story - Intrepid Travel co-founder Geoff Manchester
iPhone or Blackberry Bold? - Gadget Guy Peter Blasina
Talking to the Media -Andrew Kirk from Hill and Knowlton
Slash Your Phone Bill - Paul Morris from Consulcom
Hire Someone's Mum - Leigh Kostiainen from
Communicating When Downsizing - Mandy Thatcher from Melcrum
Fairer IR Laws? - Peter Anderson, the Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Is Your Mail Server the Crime Scene? - Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix
Where Do We Draw the Line on Capitalism? - Telco analyst Paul Budde
Polish Up Your Interview Skills - executive recruiter James Lynch
Australia in 2020 - social researcher Mark McCrindle
How Clever is The Lucky Country? - Glenn Wightwick, the Director of IBM's Australia Development Laboratory
Brush Up Your Sales Technique - sales coach David Penglase
Creativity Sells - Kym Penhall, Executive Director of Ipsos ASI
Will Debt Drive Us to Depression? - Prof Steve Keen from UWS
Smoking Can Kill Your Business - Natalie Clays from Allen Carr's Easyway
Get With the 2.0 Program! - Craig Dower, Australian GM of Avanade
Where Did We Go Wrong? - Alan Moran from the Institute of Public Affairs