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'Weather Was Just About Perfect': Warm Weather Brings Minnesotans Outside

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Amid a lengthy cold snap, Saturday provided some relief.

"Well, it's not negative 20 degrees, so that's a plus," said Roseville resident Nate Murrell, who took his kids ice skating at Hazelnut Park.

Warmer temperatures, the weekend and an idyllic setting pave the way for Minnesota traditions. Like a broomball game that's been going for 40 years. On Saturday, a couple more people came out.

"We come out here, cold, warm, even when the ice is not great. We came out last week, but today we definitely had a few extra numbers. The ice was great today and the weather was just about perfect," said Peter Javorski, who scored three goals in the game.

"You plan a couple of days out when you see how warm it's gonna be and see what you can do outside. And realize when you wake up with the dog in the morning that it's not gonna be freezing your butt off," said Murrell.

The combination of COVID 19 and the frigid weather has left many feeling cooped up.

"Working from home all day, it's good to get outside and get some exercise in too," Murrell said.

"Today was like, great, it's gonna be beautiful out," said Lindsey Fontaine with Bar 5 Meat and Poultry in Arlington, which is a regular vendor at the Minneapolis Farmers Market.

"Today we know people are more than likely going to be out. So, we've got a full truck. All of our products out. Ready to feed the masses," Fontaine said.

A Saturday reprieve and an opportunity to recharge.

"We are in the dead of January and the weather goes up and down, it's fun to just be out," Murrell said.


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