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Valleyfair Opens For The Season, With New Foods And Fresh Renovations

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (WCCO) -- Valleyfair opened for the season Friday with new foods and additional events for the summer. This year marks a return to normalcy for the Shakopee amusement park.

The adrenaline has returned after a tempered previous season.

"It felt a little different. And this year really feels like we're getting back to that almost normal sense of fun," said Valleyfair communications manager Kelsey Megard.

Because of COVID-19, last year the park was only open five days a week with limited hours. This year, it's back to normal.

"We were really only open for an eight hour span," said Valleyfair vice president and general manager Raul Rehnborg, referring to last summer. "(In) 2022 we're going to be open six days a week and the calendar is gonna look a lot like it did in 2019 and years previously. So we're excited to be able to give our guests a bigger and better offering."

No capacity restrictions for Valleyfair visitors this year. Also gone: required reservations.

"I think not having reservations is such a huge benefit for our guests. It allows you to make that impulsive trip to Valleyfair if you want to. If you're sitting at home and you're like, what should we do today, and you decide you wanna ride some roller coasters, you can do that this year," said Megard.

This summer also brings back Valleyfair's international employee program that was canceled in 2021. Over 400 workers on student visa's from all over the world are back for 2022.

"They come here to work at Valleyfair and experience US culture. And so we're excited to be able to bring them here and have them experience Minnesota. And they're just great employees to have," said Rehnborg.

It's an iconic Minnesota summer spot, back in full force.

"Valleyfair is part of the fabric of this community. And winters are long here," said Rehnborg.


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