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TyrannoSNOWrus! Dinosaur Sculpture Wows Becker Neighborhood

Originally published Feb. 7

BECKER, Minn. (WCCO) -- An extreme snow monster has taken shape in central Minnesota.

A ferocious looking Tyrannosaurus rex, nicknamed Timmy, guards Paul Larcom's Becker home. He used sculpting tools to get the details of the skin, teeth and muscles just right. He says neighbors are loving his Cretaceous creation.

Snow Dinosaur in Becker
(credit: Paul Larcom)

"They seem kind of in awe of this ... that there's almost a full-sized dinosaur, you know, right in front of them," Larcom said. "Most of them have been really excited about it and I really enjoy that."

The coloring is really what makes this dinosaur pop, which Larcom achieved with spray paint.

He put 170 hours of work over the last three weeks into getting the creature just right.

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