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Minnesota DNR Announces New State Record For Northern Pike And Tie For Muskie

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced new state records after anglers caught some exceptionally large fish over the summer.

According to the DNR, the state's new catch-and-release record for a northern pike measuring in at 46 1/4 inches, was caught June 19 on Basswood Lake by Brecken Kobylecky.

The 15-year-old from Geneva, Illinois surpassed the previous record of 45 1/4 inches caught on the Rainy River in 2018.

Brecken Kobylecky photo
(Photo Credit: MN-DNR)

The DNR said Kobylecky spent the day with an Ely-based fishing guide and with about 10 minutes left they began "trolling for pike."

After catching the fish and transporting it to the boat the men took photos and measured the pike before releasing it back in the lake.

"The whole experience went by in a flash but it was an experience of a lifetime I'll never forget," Kobylecky said.

The DNR says they also certified a 57 1/4 inch muskie caught on July 23 on Lake Vermilion by Todd Kirby of Hudson. The fish tied a 2019 catch that was also caught on Lake Vermilion.

Todd Kirby Photo
(Photo Credit: MN-DNR)

According to officials, Kirby had fished at the lake a handful of times and was familiar with common muskie hotspots.

After a full day of fishing around 10:30 p.m., Kirby said he heard a large "thud" hit his fishing line when his bait was close to the boat.

"I compared it to reeling in a large moving 'log' and after a few dark splashes, she was in the net. Everything just happened so fast!" Kirby said.

You can find current records and guidelines for each state record here. 

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