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Minneapolis police: "Nothing substantial to report" regarding fireworks in Dinkytown

Youth cause chaos by shooting off fireworks in Dinkytown
Youth cause chaos by shooting off fireworks in Dinkytown 01:50

MINNEAPOLIS — It was a chaotic scene in Dinkytown around midnight Monday with fireworks being shot off in the street.

Some of the people responsible came right up to a WCCO camera to brag about it.

"Just f***ed with the whole city," one young person said while his face was covered. "Threw fireworks all over the place. Look at my fingers, burnt from the fireworks."

Another young person said, "The fireworks are not for people. They're just for fun. We're not trying to hurt nobody."

Nobody was hurt, and, in fact, Minneapolis police told WCCO there were "a few reports regarding fireworks, but...nothing substantial to report."

Officers from the city and the University of Minnesota blocked roads but didn't appear to try to disperse any of the crowds when a WCCO camera was there.

One officer shook hands with one of the teens, smiling.

"They literally didn't do anything," said Nina Snowise, who works at Frank and Andrea Pizza in Dinkytown and also lives nearby.

Snowise says fireworks displays like this weekend's happen a lot near the well-known restaurant.

She says Frank and Andrea has hired security on weekends and no longer let minors in past 11 p.m.

"It's just uncomfortable because you don't know it's a firework unless you see the fireworks," Snowise said. "Last night, I knew they were fireworks, I saw the lights, but the other times I've heard them, I'm like, 'That's a really loud bang. What the hell was that?' It just doesn't feel safe to be around here at night when all that's going on."

In March, UMPD Chief Matt Clark shared a plan for a Dinkytown safety center, which would be like a hub for police, community and students.

Clark told the University of Minnesota Board of Regents at the time, "There's a reduction in crime, but there's also a need to increase our safety education, resources and engagement."

Minneapolis police report the number of robberies and assaults in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood near campus are similar to last year but vandalism and thefts are up.

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