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Local Music Tap: Most Anticipated 'Record Store Day' Releases

With Record Store Day approaching fast, shops around Minnesota specializing in vintage music formats are prepping for some great releases.

Every third Saturday of April, record stores celebrate the day with special vinyl (and CD) releases, along with other goodies, including live performances, food, discounts and a lot more. It's just an all-around great day for music enthusiasts.

So, we wondered: what are the most anticipated releases this year?

Here's what local record stores had to say.

Fifth Element, Minneapolis: "For us, our biggest release is going to the Eyedea & Abilities Picture Disc.

That's because it's an awesome release and the Rhymesayers releases always do the best for us. But also the KMD "Black Bastards" Pop Up Book/Record/CD should do really well." - Kevin Beacham

Mother's Music, Moorhead: "It's hard to say, but if I had to guess, I'd go with The Zombies. Finding The Zombies new or used on vinyl is so tough that I expect people to snatch this one up." - Brady Bredell

Electric Fetus, Minneapolis: "For me, the most anticipated release is Willie Nelson's 1998 'Teatro' record. It was produced by Daniel Lanois and features Emmy Lou Harris on most of the album. It is quite different from much of his work and a record I instantly loved when it was released. Light In The Attic is re-releasing it on a double gold two-album set. Very excited for this one." - Bob Fuchs

Mill City Sound, Hopkins: "There are so many great releases coming out Saturday! There are two that we anticipate being very popular in the Twin Cities this year: The Replacements / 'Alex Chilton' 10" and the release of Slim Dunlap's two records 'The Old New Me' and 'Times Like This' in a two LP Package titled 'My New Old Records'." - Rob Sheeley

Eclipse Records, St. Paul: "I'd have to say the Slim Dunlap double LP, which collects his two full length releases from the 90s after The Replacements' split. Not only are they both classic albums appearing on vinyl for the first time, but Slim is a local legend and a great friend. I know he's been looking forward to his albums being on LP, like so many of us are." - Martin Devaney

Down In The Valley, Minneapolis & Crystal: "The titles we've been asked about the most are Brand New, Replacements, and White Stripes. We are opening early at 9 a.m. and lines usually start around midnight. We are having ticket giveaways, grab bags, beverages, and a live DJ from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m." - Scott Farrell

Treehouse Records, Minneapolis: "I would say the two things our customers seem to be most excited about are the two Replacements-related items.

Slim Dunlap's two solo albums are being issued on vinyl for the first-time ever, and that should please 'Mats fans, friends of Slim, and new fans who were exposed to his songs through New West's tribute records over the last couple of years.

There's also a Replacements 'Alex Chilton' 10", which basically reissues the 1987 4-song 7" import EP on a larger format. There's nothing new or unreleased there, but it's a cool little package regardless." - Dan Cote

Into The Void Records, St. Paul: "Hmmm ... most anticipated RSD release ... well, in terms of what we specialize in at our shop, since we focus on Metal, I think it's probably the special edition of Electric Wizard's latest album "Time To Die". But there's a close runner up, which would be the re-issue of the SWANS long out-of-print self-titled debut from 1982. And then if we're talking strictly personal interest, I've got my eye on the previously unreleased, original mix/recording of George Thorogood and the Destroyers' debut. I've been a fan since I began listening to music as a little kid (my Dad had his records), and it's always exciting to hear an alternative version of one of your all-time favorite records." – Shane Kingsland

Tune Town, Mankato: "The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan … It was never commercially released on vinyl, plus it comes with a 3D cover just for RSD! Anything Jack White-related is huge for us!" - Carl Nordmeier

Know Name Records, Minneapolis: "Lots of good releases, but especially Father John Misty's heart-shaped red-colored single. Stop on by on RSD!" - Ted Kondrak

In 2007, Record Store Day was established in order to celebrate the culture of the independent record store and the role they play in communities around the country.

Of course, there are many other independent shops in Minnesota participating in RCD in one way or another, so check out the Record Store Day website for more information -- happy record hunting!

Local Music Tap is a blog aimed at promoting Minnesota-based musicians, bands, shows and events. If you have music blog ideas, please email or leave a comment below. Also, follow the Local Music Tap on Twitter.


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