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Joe Biden Appoints Minneapolis Native Jake Sullivan As National Security Advisor

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- President-elect Joe Biden announced several top cabinet nominees Monday, including a new National Security Advisor with Minnesota roots.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar tweeted congratulations to Jake Sullivan on his appointment Monday. Sullivan grew up in Minneapolis, and now lives in New Hampshire with his wife.

In his Minneapolis Southwest High School senior yearbook, Sullivan was named "most likely to succeed." On Monday, WCCO spoke with one of his former classmate, Katy Sen.

"I remember in high school we had an English teacher and [Sullivan] was of course a year ahead of me, and people were complaining about having to re-write drafts of papers and she said, 'I've only ever had one student who could do something the first time and it had no errors,' and of course she didn't tell us it was Jake, but we figured out later that's who it was," Sen said. "He's just somebody that can handle pressure. He just picks up on things quickly, and I think he just has this strong commitment to public service."

Sullivan will be one of the youngest people in decades to serve as National Security Advisor.

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