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Cancer survivor who inspired millions with wave & smile donates locks to someone like her

Girl who once lost hair to cancer donates locks to kids in need
Girl who once lost hair to cancer donates locks to kids in need 03:04

MINNEAPOLIS -- Kids have the ability to remind us of what's important. Things like family, giving and giving thanks. 

Nine-year-old Rose Evenson recently donated her hair to a nonprofit that provides wigs to kids in need. For her, it was a full-circle moment. 

"I have more than enough hair so I can give it to somebody who doesn't have hair," Rose said.

The journey to growing it below her waist began a few years ago, when Evenson was barely old enough to remember. She reads from a letter that will accompany her donation.

"Hi my name is Rose and I had cancer when I was 3. I didn't have hair then either. Now my hair is very long and I want to cut it and share it with you," the letter reads.

WCCO first met Evenson in late 2016 as she and her sisters waved to their garbage men, forming a special relationship, and inspired millions around the world with a wave and a smile. It was then we learned about her stage 4 kidney and lung cancer diagnosis.

Unlikely Bond With Garbage Men Brings Joy To Young Girl With Cancer 04:04

We followed Evenson and her family through treatment, setbacks and remission. She's now been cancer-free for five years.

"After she had lost her hair to chemo and radiation, when it started growing back, for years she said I'm never gonna cut my hair. I think she was just glad to have hair again," mom Angie Evenson said.

So Rose's hair grew without a cut or a trim, and she is now ready to share what she has with someone like her.

"Survivors and people whose hair fell out and they need hair," Rose said.

"We know what it's like to receive when you're going through that tough time," Angie said.

Her mom and sisters looked on, watching the transformation that's a symbol of their journey. 

"It was exciting, but I didn't expect to be emotional. Her hair, after it grew back, has really been the reminder of God's goodness to us during the whole journey and that we've come this far," Angie said.

Rose ends her letter with, "I'm 9 right now, almost 10. I hope you enjoy the wig I have given you. Maybe some day you can share your hair with someone else. Love, Rose."

Rose Evenson's hair was packaged up and sent to Wigs for Kids, based in Ohio. We're told it will go to a child at no cost to the family. If you'd like to learn more about this program, click here.

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