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Get Movin' Monday: Working Out At Home

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- For many of us, it's easy to find an excuse to not go to the gym: you don't have time, you're too tired, soon the weather will likely make the roads bad.

Excuses begone! There is a Twin Cities' company that helps people customize their workout plans so they can get movin' in their own homes.

Urban Fitness Twin Cities' Addie Kelzer said her main clients are busy professionals, new moms or people who just wanted working out to be hassle free.

"They really just need to cut out all the extra fluff for getting their fitness in and do it in a place that's already extremely convenient," Kelzer said.

Urban Fitness starts with giving you a customized fitness blueprint.

"What we do is we go over your posture, your health history, your fitness history, any injuries, what it is that you really want to accomplish through fitness and better nutrition," Kelzer said. "And then we give recommendations as far as how you can best get that done."

Then their trainers will show you how your own home can transform into a gym. All you need is an open space, a set of stairs, and a wall.

Urban Fitness will bring the weights, but Kelzer said most people need to look no further than their pantry.

"We have clients that will grab a bag of kitty litter or a gallon of milk to add extra weight," she said.

Kelzer has been coming to Lisa Tesch's home once every week this summer. A weekly body fat test reveals Tesch has already lost several pounds of fat.

"I'm building muscle and I can tell my clothes fit differently," Tesch said.

Urban Fitness meets with Tesch once per week for $90 per session. That fee includes a tailored workout and a customized nutrition plan, where they look at what you eat every day and give you tips to improve your diet.


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