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George Floyd's Girlfriend Is Turning Her Grief Into Activism

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- George Floyd's death inspired many to raise their voices and get involved with social activism. Among them, Floyd's girlfriend, Courteney Ross.

Ross says, two years after his murder, some days are good and days like this one are not so good.

"I suffer a lot from grief. I miss him so much, and I had put a lot of stock in us spending our lives together," Ross told WCCO's Esme Murphy.

Since Floyd's death she has become an activist and joined efforts to change laws governing police actions.

She has been a visible presence at rallies and protests. She said her activism started the day after Floyd's death when she joined her first march.

"Within about 20 or 30 minutes, I looked behind me and the streets were just flooded. And as time went by people were coming down the hills joining us, and the sides of the streets were filled with people with signs with Floyd's name on them."

Ross said Floyd would have been devastated by the school shooting in Texas -- his home state -- and that he would have said it was time for everyone to put their guns down. She also says that he would've been proud of all those who have fought for change.


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