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Flu Cases Continue Ramping Up In Minnesota, As Are Flu-Associated Deaths

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The latest figures from the Minnesota Department of Health show that, in tandem with the exploding number of COVID-19 cases due to the omicron variant, cases of influenza are also stacking up in Minnesota.

The state's figures for the last week of the year show a jump in hospitalizations from the previous week -- 116 in total.

Last winter, there were only 35 hospitalizations for the entire flu season. There have already been 327 to date so far this winter, lending credence to health experts' fears that the populace would soon be laboring under a "twindemic."

Meanwhile, many hospitals are reporting they are stretched to the limit due to the latest surge in COVID-19 cases.

There have been 13 deaths since the start of the 2021-22 flu season, one of which was considered a pediatric case (among those below 18 years of age).

No new school outbreaks were reported in the last week due to the holiday break; there have been 110 flu outbreaks so far this school year.

Nationwide, the eastern and central parts of the U.S. are seeing the biggest spikes in flu activity, with the lowest figures being reported in the western states.

For the time being, Minnesota's flu activity is still considered minimal, but neighboring states North Dakota and Iowa are seeing figures consistent with high activity.

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