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Elevated Chance For Spring Flooding In Upper Mississippi River Drainage Area

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The latest spring flood update from the National Weather Service was issued Thursday, and it's still calling for scenes similar to these we saw last year.

The North-Central River Forecast Center, in Chanhassen, says that the soil remains saturated below the surface snowpack, thanks to record-setting rainfall in 2019.

The water content of that snowpack has also increased since the last update 2 weeks ago, thanks to several snowmakers. On average, 2 to 5 inches of water is locked up in snowcover over eastern North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

As much as a foot water is in the snowpack near Lake Superior.

The areas most at-risk for flooding during March and April include the Red River Valley and the Mississippi River Valley.

This map shows points that have a 50% or greater chance of flooding during that time, and purple indicates areas that at risk of major or record-setting flooding. Red points show a greater than 50% risk of moderate flooding.

As usual, though, how springtime weather evolves in the coming weeks will determine the snowmelt rate, runoff, and exactly when and where flooding will develop.

The next spring flood outlook is due out on March 12.

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