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Wisconsin police seek person who threw cheese at someone's car

Wisconsin police search for person who chased, threw cheese at driver
Wisconsin police search for person who chased, threw cheese at driver 00:31

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin — Wisconsin is known for its devotion to the dairy, but police in Eau Claire say someone took that to an unusual extreme earlier this week, aggressively throwing cheese at someone else's car.

"Last night we responded to what might have been the most Wisconsin complaint ever," police said.

The incident happened Monday around 9:45 p.m. Police say officers were sent to check on a report from a driver that someone had been chasing them down. The caller said that the person then threw cheese at their vehicle.

"Not gouda," police said. "It's un-brie-lievable that someone would do that. Throwing cheese is nacho best look."

The Facebook post police shared was met with a number of pun-laden responses that were, dare we say it, cheesy.

"No throwing 'sharp' objects! Thats a Swissdemeanor," user Joanna Jinks said.

"No whey! Imagine cheese flying pasteurize while driving," added user Barb Hagenson.

This isn't the first time cheese was in the news in the Midwest lately. A few weeks ago, a TikTok video went viral, showing a Michigan man helping a raccoon that appeared to be choking on a piece of cheese.

"My buddy Bill saved a raccoon from choking at a campfire we were hanging out at," a friend said in a repost of the video. "It had gotten into some trash and found a slice of cheese from our cookout earlier."

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