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Camp counselor charged after shooting arrows at kids

WCCO Digital Update: Afternoon of Aug. 8, 2022
WCCO Digital Update: Afternoon of Aug. 8, 2022 01:13

MINNETRISTA, Minn. -- A 19-year-old camp counselor has been charged after she allegedly shot arrows at a group of children, hitting a boy in the arm.

McKenzie Kim Stolt faces a count of child endangerment, which carries a maximum sentence of one year if she is convicted.

The complaint says that on July 20, Stolt was standing on a shooting platform at the camp's archery range and told an 8-year-old boy to go stand in front of the targets, which were about 15-to-20 feet away. Another camp counselor said Stolt then picked up a bow and arrow and shot at the victim.

The arrow went between the boy's legs and hit the target. A group of children ranging between 6 and 8 years old moved in range, and Stolt continued to fire another three or four arrows, the complaint says. The last arrow hit the boy in the arm, causing a mark and minor injury.

The arrows have pointed tips and are used for target practice and hunting small game, charges state.

According to the documents, Stolt sent a note home with the boy that day, which said that he was having difficulty listening and following directions. She told him that if he did not follow the rules, he would have to stand in front of the archery target. Stolt said she intentionally missed and did not intend to shoot the camper in the arm.

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