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Big donation brings Twin Cities school closer to an accessible playground

Big donation brings Glen Lake Elementary School closer to an accessible playground
Big donation brings Glen Lake Elementary School closer to an accessible playground 02:15

HOPKINS, Minn. – We have great news to report on the push at Hopkins' Glen Lake Elementary to raise money for an accessible playground. 

As WCCO first reported, kids who don't use wheelchairs are fundraising for kids who do. WCCO was back on campus a week later, as they got a big surprise that gets them one step closer to fun for all.

From door knocking to cold calling, students are fast at work. Their goal is to make their playground a place where no one's left out.

Hayat Mohamud, a kindergartener at Glen Lake Elementary, explained the purpose.

"So kids who are in wheelchairs can have fun," Hayat said.

And fun is closer than it's ever been. The combined fifth- and sixth-grade class prepared, as teacher Elizabeth Julien made a big announcement.

"We have a couple of special visitors, and I know we have lots of friends that are super excited," Julien said.

There was good reason for excitement, as two employees of BMW of Wayzata rolled in. Ric Saatzer, the general manager, addressed the class.  


"We heard what you guys were doing and we knew how much work you were putting in. And you guys were really in need of this new place set," Saatzer said. "We had a better year than expected, so we had extra money to deploy into the community. And so we're here to give you guys a check today for $10,000."

The students erupted in cheers. Hayat reacted to the gift.

"Thank you! Thank you!" she said.

Kindergartner Felix Brunelle also gave thanks.

"I am so excited for the new playground, and thank you for the donations," Felix said.

Wyatt Feucht is one of the students who has been fundraising.

"I think that people are being very generous because doing this for people they don't know, I think it's really kind of them to give their money to help other people," Wyatt said.

Anika Becker is Wyatt's classmate.

"I think this is really amazing that people are donating to them because they don't get as many chances or opportunities as we do, and I love how people are being so kind and supportive to us," Anika said.

They've still got a couple hundred thousand to raise, but it's a challenge they're up to.

"It's worth it," Wyatt said. "You give the other people the opportunity to also have fun, which feels really good."

The school has received thousands in donations and are still counting since our story aired last week. Click here to donate.

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