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WCCO Viewers Choice For Best Pet Groomer In Minnesota

MONTICELLO, Minn. (WCCO) -- For those of us that have pets, it's pretty safe to say that they're an important part of the family.

And like the rest of us, every now and again they need a little sprucing up. But when Rex, Fido or Fifi need their hair done or their nails clipped, where's the best place to bring them?

WCCO's Chris Shaffer takes us to "Laundromutt" in Monticello.

Life-changing events can come at any time, and any place.

And for Monticello business owner Sam Wacloff, her epiphany came to her about four years ago. At a time when the single mom probably needed it the most.

"I was a dog groomer at a corporate store and I had this day where things weren't going very well and I went to dinner and these two guys approached me who owned a building in Monticello for lease," Wacloff said.

Insert epiphany here:

"And they said have you ever thought of owning your own business? And I said no," Wacloff said.

But knowing full well that epiphanies are rare, Sam knew this moment should warrant careful consideration.

"But then later that night, I decided that that sounds like a good idea. I think I'm going to do that, and the very next day I signed a lease. And that's exactly what happened," Wacloff said.

Now your average business analyst would have a hay-day knocking holes in Sam's somewhat hasty business plan. But the hometown girl's lack of planning was more than eclipsed by the help she received from friends and family.

"I had a little money in savings so I bought some hair dryers and kennels and started 'Laundromutt,'" she said.

That's right, Laundromutt. You have to admit, the name is catchy, albeit a bit derogatory toward some. The dogs we interviewed didn't seem bothered by the name at all.

"I mean it just sort of fits, it definitely describes us. Look at my dog, we're 'Laundromutt' just kind of happy go lucky, go with the flow people," Wacloff said.

In fact, Laundromutt is everything that Sam's big box clipping job wasn't.

"I like to know people's stories. I like to get to know the dogs and I like to know why they are the way they are," Wacloff said.

And her crew follows suit, each adding their own touch in helping maintain Laundromutt's fun and unique atmosphere.

And for this young woman to make her mark in her own hometown…

"Monticello is a good town. Everyone is so nice," Wacloff said.

It's a big part of what makes Laundromutt the Best Pet Groomer in Minnesota.


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