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After A Taste Of Winter In October, Now's The Time To Get Your Home Cold-Weather Ready

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- With a pandemic going on and the 2020 presidential election Tuesday, we shouldn't lose sight of a beautiful weather week ahead.

The record-breaking October snow is just about gone, and now home experts recommend winterizing before the cold weather returns.


Kind of strange to talk about lawn care after the half-foot of snow that dropped last month, but it's recommended that you aerate and fertilize your lawn in the fall. Fertilizing can replace a lot of nutrients lost during the summer months. And you should do one final cut at some point, at no more than 2.5 inches.


This one is more for safety, and you hear it every year during daylight saving time -- replacing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You are supposed to do this even if they're not beeping.


Replacing batteries in smoke and CO detectors may be obvious, but one thing that's not as obvious and a lot of people forget is to winterize the windows. One thing you can do is use a candle around your windows and doors. If it flickers, you may have a leak. Experts say ineffective windows are no better than leaving your windows open all winter. It will cost you money.


In your basement, wrapping your pipes in rubber sleeves can keep them from bursting. And last, but not least, the furnace should get some TLC before the snow and cold come back. It's recommend that you change your furnace filter two or three times over the course of winter. That will keep your furnace running efficiently and keep pollutants out.


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