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8 Great Danes Rescued From Minivan In Western Minnesota: 'The Worst We've Seen In A Long Time'

Originally published May 26

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A dog rescue group says it's helping eight Great Danes recover after the dogs, most of which were starving, were seized from a minivan in western Minnesota.

The Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota and Wisconsin says its volunteers rescued the dogs Monday night. While two of the breeding females were adequately fed, the rest of the dogs were starving and struggling to survive. One of the dogs, a 2-year-old male, weighed just 63 pounds. A healthy Great Dane at that age would generally weigh double that, if not more.

Great Dane Rescue
(credit: Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota and Wisconsin)

"This has been the worst we've seen in a long time," the group wrote on Facebook. "These babies will need all the help and love that they can get."

The rescue group received four puppies and four adult dogs, and some were sent to veterinarians for urgent care. All of the animals are in the process of getting vaccinated and microchipped. The dogs that were seriously malnourished are on strict diets and feeding schedules to restore their health.

Karla Greb, president of the Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota and Wisconsin, says that the dogs won't be available for adoption until they are healthy enough to be spayed/neutered. The dogs are currently recovering in foster homes.

Great Dane Rescue
and Wisconsin)

Law enforcement is in contact with the dogs' original owners, who tried to rehome the dogs via the internet, Greb said. Craigslist, the online classifieds website, alerted the rescue group to help the starving dogs.

For those struggling to feed their pets, help is available. Greb advises owners to contact low-cost veterinary clinics and organizations that offer affordable pet food. She also says that rescues organizations can take animals and "ensure a wonderful life" for pets when difficult decisions need to be made.


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