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Easy, impressive food to order for your Super Bowl party

Find dishes from Shaq's Big Chicken and more on Goldbelly. Shaq's Big Chicken/Goldbelly

This year, the Los Angeles Rams will take on the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13. If the wild NFL playoff season this year is any judge, this game will be an epic battle deserving of an epic Super Bowl party.

Sure, you could serve the usual chips and dip, or pizza and wings through DoorDash or GrubHub. But why not impress your guests with fare from some of the nation's hottest restaurants? And, even if your team didn't make it to the Super Bowl, you should still consider serving food from one of their local restaurants to honor them.

CBS Essentials rounded up the most deliciously extravagant Super Bowl Sunday food options from some of the nation's most famous restaurants. Our Super Bowl Sunday menu suggestions are inspired by the NFL playoff teams this year. All are available to order on Goldbelly and deliverable right to your front door in time for the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills: Picasso's Pies Buffalo style pizza 

Picasso's Pies/Goldbelly

Not to be confused with New York-style pizza (large, round and thin crust), pies from Buffalo tend to be rectangularly shaped, cooked to a crisp, and oozing with cheese and pepperoni. Order a few of Picasso's Pies' famous Buffalo-style pizzas, made-to-order and promptly frozen prior to shipping. 

Picasso's Pies Buffalo style pizza two-pack, $89

Dallas Cowboys: Snow's BBQ Best of Texas BBQ combo

Snow's BBQ/Goldbelly

Texans know good BBQ. This assortment of meat includes St. Louis pork ribs, smoked sausage and Snow's BBQ signature oak-smoked brisket, and serves up to 14 carnivores. Don't forget to add some of Snow's famous sauce to your order. 

Snow's BBQ Best of Texas BBQ combo, $269

Los Angeles Rams: Kogi BBQ x Field Roast Vegan "Stadium Dog" hot dog kit 


What screams Los Angeles more than plant-based fare? Roy Choi's Kogi taco truck, a fusion of Mexican and Korean street food, put the Los Angeles food truck scene on the map. This vegan dog, slathered in Choi's signature Kogi slaw, cilantro-onion lime relish, three salsas, roasted sesame seeds and melted dairy-free cheese, was inspired by the chef's trips to Dodgers stadium as a kid.

Kogi BBQ x Field Roast Vegan "Stadium Dog" hot dog kit four pack, $45

Kansas City Chiefs: Arthur Bryant's Barbeque sampler

Arthur Bryants Barbeque/Goldbelly

Arthur Bryant's serves up some of the most famous BBQ west of the Mississippi. This variety pack serves eight and includes an assortment of spare ribs, baby back ribs, pulled pork, burnt ends and your choice of sauce. 

Arthur Bryant's Barbeque sampler, $159

New England Patriots: Legal Sea Foods Marketplace lobster

Legal Sea Foods Marketplace/Goldbelly

Nothing screams New England like lobsters fresh from the Atlantic. This four-pack crowd pleaser can be ordered live or pre-cooked.

Legal Sea Foods Marketplace lobster four-pack, $118

Philadelphia Eagles: Pat's King of Steaks Philly Cheesesteaks

Pat's Cheesesteaks/Goldbelly

Anyone from Philadelphia knows that Pat's serves some of the most famous cheesesteaks in the city. Bypass the line around the corner and order up the iconic sandwiches from anywhere in the country.

Pat's King of Steaks Philly Cheesesteak four-pack, $79 (reduced from $109)

Pittsburgh Steelers: Primanti Bros sandwich pack

Primanti Bros/Goldbelly

The cheesesteak may reign in Philly, but in Pittsburgh, it's all about Primanti Bros "Almost Famous," stuffed-to-the-brim sandwiches. Get all the fixings for four stuffed sandwiches—coleslaw, fries, your choice of deli meat, provolone and soft Italian bread included.  

Primanti Bros sandwich pack, $89

Chicago Bears: Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas 

Lou Malnati's/Goldbelly

Okay, so the Bears didn't make it to the playoffs this year. However, Chicago natives can still celebrate the Windy City by ordering a few deep-dish pies from Lou Malnati's

Lou Malnati's deep-dish pizzas four-pack, $97

Cincinnati Bengals: Skyline Chili Cincinnati Chili 

Skyline Chili/Goldbelly

Elevate your chili-cheese-dog game with a dozen cans of famous Skyline Chili, from the noted Cincinnati diner. Supply your own hot dogs, steamed buns, chopped onions, shredded cheese and mustard, and Bengals fans will be transported back to the Midwestern spot. 

Skyline Chili Cincinnati Chili 12 pack, $99

Las Vegas Raiders: Shaq's Big Chicken fried chicken sandwich and tenders combo kit

Shaq's Big Chicken/Goldbelly

Shaquille O'Neal's Big Chicken fast-casual concept joint serves some of the best fried chicken sandwiches on the strip. This combo kit serves 12 and includes all the trimmings to make six sandwiches in addition to 25 chicken tenders, plus "Shaq sauce" and hot sauce. Order extra sauces on the side and add on macaroni and cheese or jalapeno slaw to finish off the meal. 

Shaq's Big Chicken fried chicken sandwich and tenders combo kit, $119

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