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10 digital Mother's Day gift ideas so your 2024 gift can reach her in time

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Final warning: Mother's Day is tomorrow. Have you already chosen the perfect gift for your mom? If not, we've come to the rescue with some of the only last-minute options that'll still get to her with not a moment to spare: virtual gifts. A digital delight for Mom can be emailed, linked, texted and shared to social media to make things fast, easy, and fun. After all, Mom is one of the most important women in your life, so make sure she's well taken care of this year with a thoughtful gift she won't be able to stop smiling about.

From the gift of gourmet food to classes she'll love taking, there are tons of different ways to show Mom you care beyond traditional flower deliveries or gift baskets that may not arrive in time. If you're having trouble figuring out which digital and virtual gift to send Mom for Mother's Day 2024, read on for some of our favorite picks. All you have to do is shop, check out and send to Mom. The internet can do the rest. 

Best last-minute virtual Mother's Day gifts

Best virtual Mother's day gift: Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card

Amazon has just about anything Mom could ever want to purchase. The massive retailer sells all types of items, from clothing to food and everything in between. 

An Amazon gift card is sent instantly via email, and all Mom has to do is redeem it on her account. She can start shopping for something she wants within minutes of your presenting her with the gift. That way, if you're really drawing a blank this year, she can get whatever is on her mind without any muss or fuss. 

You can buy digital Amazon gift cards online starting at $25. 

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who love trying new food: Goldbelly gift card

Goldbelly gift card

Give Mom the chance to try some delicious gourmet food with a Goldbelly gift card via email. Mom can shop meals and delicacies from restaurants all over the world, from bakeries to sushi joints and more. 

With a gift card, she can choose which foods she wants to try from world-famous institutions and set up a delivery for when it's convenient for her. If she loves trying new restaurants but can't travel to each and every one, this is the perfect compromise. 

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who love wine: Firstleaf subscription

Firstleaf subscription

If Mom loves kicking back and relaxing with a glass of wine, sign her up for a Firstleaf subscription. With an introductory offer of $45 for the first month, you can pay for a six-bottle selection of wine sent directly to her door. 

Choose from a variety of brands and types, and increase the number of bottles for Mom to try to 12 if she ends up enjoying the subscription. She'll discover flavors and brands she's never heard of, and she doesn't even have to leave the house to sip on some delicious new rosé. 

That's a gift any mom could appreciate. 

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who love flowers all year long: BloomsyBox subscription

BloomsyBox subscription

You could give Mom a bouquet for Mother's Day. Or you could give her a BloomsyBox subscription for flowers all year long. 

This service brings a variety of different blooms to your mom's door every month, with at least 20 stems packed into each delivery with the Bloomsy Original Subscription, starting at just $60. 

You can opt for larger and more varied bouquets as well, meaning Mom will always have fresh flowers in her home thanks to you. 

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who love to learn: MasterClass subscription

MasterClass subscription

If your mom loves to watch YouTube tutorials, participate in group classes, or is naturally curious, a MasterClass subscription will be a delight for her. This subscription service offers hundreds of classes from some of the brightest minds in writing, cooking, songwriting, comedy and much more. 

Mom can learn how to cook with Gordon Ramsay, learn about writing comedy with Steve Martin, and even brush up on her singing with Christina Aguilera. She can learn through videos and chats with other learners, and there are even added Q&A sessions with each subject master. 

Mom will love adding to her repertoire of knowledge. 

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who love makeup: Ipsy subscription

Ipsy subscription

Does your mom love trying new makeup and skincare products? Give her an Ipsy subscription, which comes to her door each month with a special bag full of sample and full-sized products. 

Starting at just $14, this service delivers a new reusable bag monthly, filled with makeup, skincare, hair and other beauty products tailored to her unique needs. Whether she loves nail polish, eye shadow or even palettes, there's a wide variety of goodies packed into every Ipsy bag. 

Each month will be a new surprise that she can tailor to her liking.

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who collect fragrances: Scentbird subscription 

Scentbird subscription

Perfume can be expensive. If Mom loves to collect and try new scents often, help save her some money with a Scentbird subscription. Each month, she can choose a different scent from a catalogue, then she'll receive it in a free refillable atomizer case. 

She'll get about 120 sprays per month of her chosen perfume, and then she can choose a new one or continue with the same one every month. That way she can rotate through fragrances without spending hundreds to see what they all smell like.

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who love to read: Book of the Month Club subscription

Book of the Month Club subscription
Book of the Month Club

So many moms wish they had more time to read. Give Mom an incentive to make time with a subscription to the Book of the Month Club. 

Each month, a selection of new books are available for Mom to choose from. First as little as $60 out of your pocket, she can chose three books she's interested in each month and read them -- then she can do it all again the next month. 

With how expensive books can be, it's a great price, and plus she gets to broaden her horizons as a reader by trying new genres and authors curated by the club.

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for crafty moms: Craftsy subscription

Craftsy subscription

Does Mom love to make things? If she's an artsy type who can draw with the best of them, crochet, decorate cakes, paint or even make paper crafts, she can use a Craftsy subscription. 

This learning service offers a wide variety of classes that offer step-by-step instructions across all devices for Mom to learn how to do what she does best: create. 

New classes are added monthly with a variety of additional skills Mom can try out. She can try her hand at different types of creative trades, and if you'd like, you can share a membership with Craftsy's different plans to learn together. 

Best virtual Mother's Day gift for moms who need to chill: Headspace subscription

Headspace subscription

Moms are under a lot of stress. They've got to worry about you, the family, work, and so much else. Give yours the gift of peace of mind with a Headspace subscription. 

This meditation app can help Mom calm down and chill out with guided meditations, music for focusing, sleeping or just de-stressing, and workouts to help her center herself. 

It's a great way for Mom to unwind and get back to feeling well-rested, healthy, and happy. And it's all in a simple app that Mom can use while on the go or at home. 

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