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Best strollers for babies and toddlers in 2024


The words easy and new baby don't often go together, but the right stroller for your baby or toddler can add some ease to your new life as a parent. That's because modern-day strollers are equipped with bells and whistles designed to simplify taking your baby for a stroll, or popping your little one in the car for excursions and errands. 

We're choosy about anything related to our kids, especially something as important as a stroller. We want our stroller to be safe, comfortable, easy to collapse, easy to clean (milk stains, goodbye!) and versatile. Sound familiar? New parents from all walks of life share the same needs when it comes to the safety and comfort of their kids. We did extensive stroller research, diving deep into reviews and product descriptions, while assessing what parents and babies really need in a stroller.

The best strollers in 2024

The right stroller can be a complete game changer for parents of toddlers and babies. Stroller technology has come a long way since our parents strapped us into a bulky apparatus that had about as much shock absorption as a rubber band. Modern strollers promise a smooth ride, enough storage to carry essentials for yourself and your little one, plus collapse options that will have your back saying thank you.

Keep reading below for everything you need to know about our favorite strollers for babies and toddlers.

Best overall: Uppababy Vista 2


If only the Uppababy Vista 2 could do those dreaded night feedings, it really could do it all. Regardless, this convertible infant-to-toddler stroller gets close to solving all your stroller needs -- all in one. 

We like this stroller's ability to grow with your family; its infant bassinet and full-size infant car seat mean you can use this stroller from day one. The toddler seat (included) features multi-seat recline options allowing your not-so-little one to sleep on the go or sit up and take the world in. All those options mean you can use this stroller from infancy to the toddler years -- provided you can coerce your toddler into sitting long enough to enjoy this stroller's terrific options.

When it comes to storage, the Upppbaby Vista 2 also scores big -- its large basket is made to fit a diaper bag, and then some. This stroller also offers a sun-protection canopy that can zip out on the toddler seat. The canopy's mesh panels make it easy to peek in on your sleeping baby and also keep the air moving on balmier days.

The Uppababy Vista 2 is $1,000 at Amazon. While there are terrific options that are more budget-friendly, you won't have to swap this one out when your infant becomes a toddler. 

Top features of the Uppababy Vista 2:

  • A bassinet and full-size infant car seat are included.
  • It features a UPF 50-plus canopy for maximum sun protection.
  • It has a one-handed recline.

Best baby jogger stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini G2

Baby Jogger

Becoming a new parent doesn't mean mom and dad have to put their fitness goals aside. Slipping baby into a sturdy baby jogger stroller will add a little heft to your daily run -- and get baby some fresh air. 

Expect a smooth ride thanks to the Baby Jogger City Mini G2's three all-terrain rubber wheels designed to glide over everything from cobblestones to dirt roads. Parents love the oversize sunshade to protect babies and kids from sun and rain, and the a peekaboo window allows you to look on the baby. Find storage in this stroller's seat back and under-seat basket.

This stroller weighs in at 22 pounds, which can feel heavy when pushing it up a hill with a baby in tow. But we like to think of the stroller's weight as added resistance training on our daily run.

Despite the stroller's heavier-than-average weight, its one-handed folding system makes it easy to transport.

The Baby Jogger City Mini G2 has a weight capacity of 65 pounds. You can also buy it as a travel system, including an infant car seat. Choose from two colors.

Top features of Baby Jogger City Mini G2:

  • The one-handed folding system makes it easy to transport and store.
  • The sun shade helps keep the baby protected from the sun.
  • This jogging stroller features car seat adaptors for most major car seat brands, which allows you to take this stroller on the go without having to move the little one in and out of the car seat to stroller.

Best single to double stroller: Mockingbird 


The Mockingbird stroller gives serious "where have you been all my parenting life" energy, thanks in part to its intuitive one-handed collapse method that allows you to hold baby in one hand while (easily) collapsing the stroller with the other. This gem of a stroller features a UPF 50-rated all-weather canopy, as well as go-anywhere wheels, dual-frame and seat suspension, a rotating handlebar and a one-step foot brake. 

In 2024 Mockingbird updated its stroller, finessing the look of the stroller (including a new brake pedal color and modernized canopy), adding a built-in pop-out visor to the extendable canopy, updating the strap harness design making it easier to adjust with just one pull, making unfolding more intuitive and easier and giving parents and baby (s) a smoother overall stroller experience.

The bassinet can be used in the stroller by clicking it right into the frame in place of the toddler seat, and then place it on top of the stand for overnight sleep.

Top features of the Mockingbird 2.0:

  • This stroller is versatile, featuring more than 22 configurations, including front-facing and rear-facing modes.
  • It has a two-seat capacity when you buy the optional 2nd Seat Kit ($145).
  • Finish and color options and patterns can be customized.
  • The stroller features a huge storage basket, holding up to 25 pounds.

Expand your Mockingbird's capabilities with the bassinet and bassinet stand.

Best lightweight stroller: Bēbee lightweight stroller


While it's easy to go down the status-stroller rabbit hole, Bombi's Bēbee offers a stylish, affordable and lightweight 16-pound stroller that features a one-hand folding feature that takes the hard work out of collapsing a stroller. 

This stroller is designed (and only safe) for babies over six months old or older, or until they weigh 50 pounds.

Available in nine colors, this model has ample storage space, and it also comes with a useful travel bag.

Top features of the Bombi Bēbee lightweight stroller:

  • This stroller includes a car seat adapter, XXL canopy (with a peek window).
  • The xanopy's fabric protects against UV-A and UV-B rays.

Best lightweight umbrella stroller: Summer Infant Summer 3Dlite+ 

Summer Infant

Weighing just 14 pounds, the Summer 3Dlite+ strikes the perfect balance between comfort and convenience, making this a terrific city or travel stroller, or a great option for parents who don't want to hassle with a massive stroller. 

Appropriate for babies six months and up to 50 pounds, this stroller is not car seat-compatible, which means it's best suited for taking your little one to the zoo or a walk through the city, rather than the stroller you'd use to take baby in and out of the car. 

"The stroller is nice and tall so you don't feel like you're bending down just to push it," an Amazon reviewer says. "I love that it reclines almost all the way down for when my baby needed a nap."

Top features of the Summer Infant Summer 3Dlite+

  • It has multi-position seating options.
  • The stroller features a parent cup holder and a cell phone holder.
  • The oversize canopy protects baby from the sun and features a peekaboo window for you to check on their current nap status.
  • When it's nap time, use the one-handed recline to help baby lie down.

Looking for something even lighter and more affordable? Then check out the Summer Infant 3D Mini, which weighs just 11 pounds (but supports weights up to 45 pounds). 

Best infant stroller with rider board option: Nuna Demi Next Stroller 


At first glance, Nuna's infant stroller seems like a well-styled splurge whose price tag is sure to induce a serious case of sticker shock, but this stroller's bells and whistles speak for themselves. The infant stroller is designed for infants and babies up to 50 pounds, offering a smooth ride for excursions and stroller naps while protecting baby from the sun. Baby's older sibling will enjoy taking a ride on the stroller's rider board, making this stroller one of our favorites for growing families.

Don't let this stroller's sleek, streamlined design mask its myriad features, including the no-rethread harness with self-guiding secure snap buckles that automatically lock into place (music to the ears of any parent who has tried to rethread a carseat's straps only to give up in frustration), ample storage space below the basket and mostly one-handed management. 

Top features of the Nuna Demi Next Stroller:

  • The UPF 50+ Aire protect canopy is water repellent, keeping the baby dry and sun protected.
  • The rider board folds away when not in use.
  • The tires are tough and ready for any terrain.
  • The stroller offers four modes, including full recline and car seat mode.

Best design: Orbit Stroll & Ride G5 car seat and travel system


It's easy to balk at Orbit's price or cringe when remembering Orbit's appearance on "The Office" (Jan's stroller of choice), but when push comes to purchase, this is one well-designed stroller.

Designed as a base with a 360-degree hub that allows the attached car seat or toddler seat to rotate in any direction, the infant or toddler seat sits on top of the base and can be twisted out to be placed on a base that sits inside your car. That means there's no transferring a sleeping baby out of a stroller and into an awaiting car seat. Here, the seat goes from the car to the stroller, and the baby stays put.

A standout feature here is the ability to spin the car seat in its base, making it easier (your back will thank you) to get the seat out of the car, and off the stroller base. Do note that Orbit is on the heavier side. It's a sturdy stroller and car seat, but carrying the car seat isn't for the faint of heart.  This stroller is meant to be used for infants and babies weighing up to 40 pounds. There is a toddler seat available.

Top features of the Orbit car seat travel system:

  • The base is easily folded using just one hand.
  • The base can be used with an infant seat and a toddler seat.
  • The canopy keeps that baby protected from the sun and helps block out light when the little one is snoozing.

Most versatile double stroller: Cybex Gazelle S stroller


One of the most versatile infant-to-toddler strollers, also well-suited for infant or toddler twins, the Cybex Gazelle S stroller folds with both seats intact. Easily configured over 20 different ways, the Cybex Gazelle transforms from single to double stroller without reconfiguring the stroller. You'll need two Cybex carseats, or the Cybex cot, which can be used for a sleeping newborn in conjunction with the toddler seat for your big kid.

This stroller folds and fits easily into trunks and tight spaces when stored. The lower storage basket and detachable shopper basket create enough storage to meet both of your little ones' needs.

This stroller is suitable from birth and for children up to 50 pounds. You'll need the infant car seat as well to use from birth. Tap here to purchase the infant seat as well.

Top features of the Cybex Gazelle S:

  • The UPF 50+ canopy protects the babies from the sun.
  • Seats can be configured for a reverse view and can be nearly flattened as well
  • The stroller features a one-pull harness, making it easy to get babies safely in place.

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