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Hot sleeper? Rest easy with the best cooling mattresses of 2024

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Summer is officially here. Are you ready for the heat? Hot weather may go well with all those exciting outside plans you have lined up in the coming months, but things get less fun (and more humid) once you hit the mattress at the end of the night -- especially if you're a hot sleeper. 

Mattresses like the Leesa Sapira chill hybrid mattress -- our top pick for year-round cooling comfort -- will make it easier to catch some shut-eye, regardless of how hot it gets. Regardless of your sleep position, this popular cooling mattress -- as well as the rest of our favorites listed below -- has your back.

"In general, the evidence suggests that we sleep better when it's colder," sleep medicine specialist Dr. David Rosen told CBS Essentials. Rosen is one of several sleep experts we talked to about health benefits of keeping cool while you sleep

So make sure your mattress isn't adding coals to the fire on those hot, restless summer nights, but rather keeping you cool, comfortable, and healthy all night long. Check out our reviewer-loved recommendations -- plus key intel on what exactly makes a cooling mattress, well, cool -- below.

The best mattresses for hot sleepers in 2024

Here's a quick look at the best mattresses for hot sleepers. Avoid overheating with one of these top-quality mattresses:

Find the best cooling mattress type for you from Casper, Serta and more ahead. Prices are listed for queen models, but all come in multiple sizes ranging from twin and twin XL to king.

Best hybrid mattress: Leesa Sapira chill hybrid mattress


Our top pick for hot sleepers is one of the latest hybrid mattresses to come from Leesa. The chill hybrid mattress is specifically built to bring cooling comfort and relief to hot sleepers.

What exactly is a hybrid mattress? 

"Hybrid mattresses have a combination of springs and foam or latex," board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Krishna Satyan told CBS Essentials. "They offer a balance of support, comfort and cooling."

This five-layer premium mattress comes with a quilted top made of fibers that draw heat from the body, as well as hotel-quality cushioning in multiple plush yet breathable comfort layers.

Want your cooling mattress purchase to make a difference? Leesa donates one mattress to non-profits for every 10 mattresses sold.

This mattress is currently $1,511 reduced from $2,159. You also get a set of sheets free with your order.

Best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers who need added pressure relief, thanks to extra hip and edge support

Temperature regulating: Nora by Wayfair gel memory foam mattress

Nora via Wayfair

Looking for unmatched comfort to go along with your temperature regulation? Look no further than this super budget-friendly memory foam mattress by Nora.

This cooling mattress is 12 inches thick -- on the plumper end of standard mattress ranges. It features gel-infused memory foam that hugs your shape without overheating you. Plus, it is wrapped in a soft cover that's perfect for a comfortable night's sleep.

This cooling mattress sells for $600. A 100-day trial is also available.

Best for:

  • Sleepers who need temperature regulation
  • Those who prefer a mix of foam and other materials
  • Fans of affordably priced memory foam mattresses

Best organic: Essentia Classic REM5 organic mattress


Essentia's cooling technology incorporates activated quartz into its patented organic latex foam formula; the sleep surface of the classic REM5 mattress is said to sleep up to five degrees cooler than other Essentia mattresses. 

Multiple layers of responsive latex foam provide optimal support and pressure point relief. In addition to keeping you cool throughout the night, this organic mattress can help alleviate pain and discomfort as well.

You get free shipping, a 20-year warranty and a 120-night trial.

Best for:

  • People who value organic options
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers interested in better-than-average pressure relief and support

Generous trial period: The Nectar Premier mattress


Nectar's most popular mattress, the Nectar sleep premier, is its best mattress for hot sleepers. 

This cooling mattress is made with Nectar's dual-action cooling technology, which reacts to your body's temperature to help you get a chill sleep. It can be ordered as a memory foam mattress or as a hybrid mattress for an added cost. 

Typically $1,499, this mattress is currently on sale for just $949 thanks to Nectar's early Fourth of July sale. The brand offers a 365-night trial period, the most generous we've seen for mattresses.

Best for:

  • People who like to try before they buy
  • Hot sleepers

Best memory foam mattress: The Casper Snow mattress


The new Casper snow mattress is Casper's best mattress yet, especially for hot sleepers. Inspired by the original Casper mattress, this cooling mattress features layers of Casper's signature foam and premium memory foam, as well as a heat-wicking cover that can help you stay cool through the night and provide long-lasting support.

It's the classic Casper experience you love, only at a better price. And right now, that price is hard to beat thanks to an impressive 30% discount on the original price of $2,495. You'll pay just $1,745 for a queen-size mattress.

Best for:

  • People who prefer memory foam
  • Fans of a plush, cooling mattress with a medium feel (not too firm, not too soft, but just right -- Goldilocks style)
  • Hot sleepers

All-night cooling mattress: Serta Arctic Premier mattress

Serta Store via Amazon

The Serta Arctic memory foam mattress delivers all-night cooling relief to hot sleepers. Serta's patented Reactex System disperses heat away from the body, which it claims results in a bed with a whopping 15 times better cooling power than any other Serta mattress. 

The cooling mattress is available in foam and hybrid models that use Serta's CustomFit HD memory foam and EverCool Fuze Gel memory foam materials.

This mattress is currently $3,899 at Amazon.

Best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Shoppers who want a choice between foam and hybrid
  • Fans of firm mattresses

Best for side sleepers: Nolah Evolution 15-inch mattress


Side sleepers rejoice: this popular deluxe hybrid mattress by Nolah offers everything you need to stay cool and comfortable all night long. This not only includes active cooling technology and a blissful quilted topper, but also responsive pressure relief and targeted support.

 This quality mattress was voted "best mattress for back pain" by Good Morning America, "best luxury mattress by Forbes," and "best mattress for side sleepers" by the Sleep Foundation all in 2024. If you want to stay nice and cool while sleeping in luxury, this is the mattress for you.

Act now and you can save $875 thanks to Nolah's Fourth of July sale. That brings your price down to $1,624 from the original price of $2,499.

Best for: 

  • Side sleepers
  • Sleepers looking for solid, targeted support

For unusually sized beds: Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam essential mattress

brooklyn chill memory foam mattress
Brooklyn Bedding

The Dreamfoam mattress is made of a cooling gel swirl memory foam. The open-cell technology in each foam layer claims to provide increased airflow and breathability to help the hot sleeper rest comfortably. 

This popular mattress received not one, but two recognitions in 2024: it was awarded "best budget memory foam mattress" by Forbes and "best size options for RV's" by CNET.

This cooling mattress comes in a very wide range of sizes, including short queen, Olympic queen, short king, California king and sizes designed for RV use. A Brooklyn Bedding queen mattress typically sells for $524, but shoppers can save 25% with code JULY25.

Best for:

  • Those seeking niche mattress sizes
  • Those on a tight budget
  • Hot sleepers

What makes a good cooling mattress?

Before picking the best mattress type for you, you should know that you have multiple options that offer a cooling effect.

"Look for mattresses with breathable covers and gel-infused memory foam or latex, as these materials tend to offer better heat dissipation and airflow," board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon Dr. Rahul Shah told CBS Essentials. "Hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils and airflow-enhancing designs can also help with temperature regulation."

How we chose these mattresses

When picking the best mattresses for hot sleepers, we considered a number of important factors. For a closer look at how we review certain products, here's everything that went into picking the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers:

  • Customer reviews: We combed through verified customer reviews -- in other words, real buyers -- to ensure they were consistently pleased with these brands and models. 
  • Expert recommendations: We spoke with board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon Dr. Rahul Shah, board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Krishna Satyan and sleep medicine specialist Dr. David Rosen for their thoughts on mattresses.
  • Star rating: All of these products have a four-star rating or higher.
  • Your needs: We picked mattresses for a variety of budgets and needs, such as affordability, durability and more.

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