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The 5 best cordless vacuums of 2024 make tidying up a breeze

Best cordless vacuums
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Vacuuming: We've all got to do it. Carpet all but attracts dirt and debris (especially if you have pets), and a robot vacuum isn't always easy on the budget. But you don't have to drag out a heavy corded vacuum every time you clean up. Grab one of these top-rated cordless vacuums and hoover up any mess, from crumbs from last night's dinner to the pet hair your best friend leaves around the house. 

It's time for a spring cleaning upgrade, so why not invest in a new cordless vacuum to handle all those incidental messes? There are plenty to choose from, most of which are more than affordable. We've rounded up some of the best cordless vacuums of 2023, from stick vacuums to handheld vacuums and others in between. 

These do-it-all cleaning tools can help you get your house sparkling clean so you can move on to those other must-do spring cleaning tasks, like mopping or moving in some new, clean furniture. Read on for our favorite picks for the best cordless vacuums in 2024. 

The best cordless vacuums in 2024

Best cordless vacuum: Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum

Dyson V15 Detect

This intelligent cordless vacuum is one of the most efficient cleaning tools we've seen. It uses a special laser sight to reveal the microscopic dust particles floating around for a much more efficient clean. You won't miss a single speck.

Its suction is on point as well; it can intelligently optimize performance based on your floor type and how much debris needs to be cleaned up. It gets the job done with two cleaner heads: one for hard floors and one for carpet. The carpet head can even detangle deep pile.

An LCD screen gives you visual evidence of the type of clean you're getting, calculating how many particles you've picked up during a cleaning session.

With 60 minutes of runtime, it can handle your entire home, with a power-saving trigger that helps you save juice when you aren't using it. You can also track how much battery is left available per clean via that cool LCD. 

If you don't mind spending a premium and want one of the best cordless vacuuming experiences you can get, the Dyson V15 Detect is an excellent option. 

Best cordless vacuum for pet hair: Tineco A11 pet cordless stick vacuum

Tineco A11 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum

This budget-friendly stick vacuum excels at tackling all kinds of messes. Its versatile cleaning abilities make it a worthwhile option for any home – especially if you have pets. 

The 450W motor packs serious power to breeze through debris on carpets, rugs and hard floors. The specialized brush is designed to target pet hair and other clingy messes – because, as any pet owner knows, that kind of hair is one of the hardest things to get up out of the floor.

The four-stage filtration system is another standout feature. It captures fine dust and allergens, emitting cleaner air to benefit allergy sufferers. So if you have a ton of pet dander floating around, it'll be gone in minutes. And that means no more sneezing.

One of the most exciting aspects is the convertible design. It quickly transforms into a handheld vacuum with mini power brush, crevice tool, and dusting brush. At under $100, it's an affordable all-purpose cleaner. 

Best handheld cordless vacuum: Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro handheld vacuum

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro

For a premium handheld cordless vacuum, you really can't beat this unassuming Shark. Sleek and svelte like its namesake, its sage green body, sturdy grip and super powerful suction make it a must-have for messes you need to clean up by hand.

At just 2.06 pounds, this lightweight powerhouse can suck up just about every mess you need to handle in smaller areas. It even comes with a crevice attachment, so you can get into those tight spots, like the depths between couch cushions or your car's floorboards. You can do this all with one hand comfortably, thanks to its build and ergonomic, grippy handle.

When it's full, you only need to press one button to empty the dustbin, so you can clear the vacuum out and get right back down to business. Its short battery life means you'll have to charge a bit more often, but it's well worth the wait when the vacuum performs this well. 

Best budget cordless vacuum: Wyze cordless vacuum

Wyze Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This affordable cordless vacuum may be budget-priced, but its performance is anything but. It can hold its own with other, much more expensive options on the market. 

It's a slim profile stick vacuum that looks a lot like some of its other, more expensive brethren, but it's less than $150. It can pick up debris from both hard floors and carpeting with the best of them, with a brushroll that has stiff bristles to collect hair, crumbs, dirt, and anything else you happen upon while tidying up your home.

You can also use its upholstery nozzle and crevice tool to handle those harder-to-reach places that your standard vacuum just can't get to – plus, its sturdy handle makes it easy to glide across surfaces without feeling top heavy, thanks to the battery at the top of the handle. 

It also has an hour-long battery life, so it can tackle even the longer jobs that you suspect might take a little more elbow grease to complete. If you don't want to splurge on a cordless vacuum, this is an awesome, affordable option that won't break the bank. 

Best premium cordless vacuum: Samsung Jet 90 cordless stick vacuum


Samsung's Jet 90 cordless stick vacuum is a more premium option, but you certainly get what you're paying for. Its powerful suction can slice through dirt and debris across hard floors and carpeting without having you break a sweat, thanks to its lightweight body. At just 6 pounds, it's a much more maneuverable option than some of its larger cousins that are actually less capable. 

It features a 180-degree swivel head that cleans in all directions, a high-capacity dust bin -- so you can suck up more and empty less -- and a five-layer filtration system to trap fine dust and allergen particles. 

It offers up to 60 minutes of cleaning per charge, but it can take a spare battery that you can charge up on the side with its dual charging station.

As you might expect with many of Samsung's appliances, it has a sturdy, premium feel that makes it a great pick for anyone with larger homes, or large families that need to vacuum multiple times per week (or per day). 

What are the benefits of using a cordless vacuum?

Considering ditching your corded model for a cordless vacuum? There are plenty of reasons to do just that. Cordless vacuums are usually much lighter, making them a great choice for people who can't or don't want to do any heavy-lifting. No more extension cord mess; they can be used virtually anywhere. You can use a cordless vacuum to clean your car, pet bed, stairs, living spaces and even up-high places that are hard to reach.

What features should I look for in a cordless vacuum?

If you live in a home with a lot of pet hair, you might look for a cordless stick vacuum with a heavy suction and a large dust bin. If you take your dog in the car, a cordless car vacuum will help clean pet hair on your seats. There are also ultra-quiet vacuums that won't disrupt anyone who might be working from home while you clean. 

Most people will look for cordless vacuums that are much lighter than their heavier counterparts. These ultra-light vacuums are perfect for people who don't want to lug a heavy cleaning appliance around their house. You might also want to seek out a unit that has a telescoping wand to get to those hard-to-reach places.

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